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Discus and support Enforcement rules in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Its very hard to navigate the microsoft website and slow. However the problem we face is having our basic rights taken from us by an awful code of... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Faded Honeypot, Jun 28, 2019.

  1. Enforcement rules

    Its very hard to navigate the microsoft website and slow. However the problem we face is having our basic rights taken from us by an awful code of conduct. Many other platforms allow for semi-cursing without negative consequences as getting angry and frustrated
    is part of video games. However reporting on xbox has grown out of hand and handing out suspensions for communication infractions is a joke. Many people in the world use offensive language in different contexts and bans and suspensions are far inferior to
    clean xbox of its toxic community. The code of conduct should be reworded and people should be suspended/banned for more serious infractions because words are free for everybody. They say xbox is a privilege however its a service used by gamers and they don’t
    control us we control them because were the ones who use it everyday. If they want to be the way they are now hopefully they economically take a hit and understand that its about experience not performance

    Faded Honeypot, Jun 28, 2019
  2. User 9242019 Win User

    This rules enforcement is ****

  3. Allebas Win User

    Enforcement rules

    I understand what you saying I think they should just block out words that are offensive like Rockstar does with their in game chat. You can't even type certain words in chat and I think thats a good thing. On flipside without the rules they have in
    place Xbox will be chaotic. I really thing people just need to be careful with theirs words because you never know who the receiver is at the other end of the message and what impact your words may have on them.
  4. steeledwand7664 Win User

    Enforcement rules

    The way that I liken it to is this.

    MS wants Xbox to be rated E for everyone.

    So lets take for example another business that would be rated E for everyone Chuck E Cheese.

    Before going to this establishment there are rules that you are expected to follow because there could be children around.

    Ill use cursing as an example you walk into Chuck E Cheese and somebody cuts in line and laughs at you and calls you a name so you curse back at them do you not think the managers at Chuck E Cheese have a right to ask you to leave and if you do not the police
    will more then likely be called and you could get arrested for trespassing?

    The 1st amendment to the US constitution says that the Government can not make laws infringing on our freedom of speech it says nothing about private companies making rules about it.
  5. pawncrackers Win User

    Enforcement rules

    I agree to a few points, and understand that a lot of people can abuse the reporting system, too. I hope in time, things change, but looking at social media nowadays, a LOT of people are over-sensitive and so, get easily offended. That extends now to the
    Xbox Community.

    I swear like a trooper, but have friends who know that, that's how I am! xD I always keep that in the private chat, and never in public.

    I think focus on these kinds of instances, needs to be on public matchmaking, in-game chat and messaging that includes smack talk or insults. Common sense and that is already in the Code of Conduct and Xbox Terms of Service..

  6. DrifterX22 Win User

    Enforcement rules

    Not sure what response you are looking for on this however you need to be aware of who you game with and not expect everyone to adjust to who you want to be online.

Enforcement rules

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