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  1. Enforcement

    Why did i get an enforcement right when i report someone?

    gf꧁༺₦Ї₦ℑ₳༻꧂, May 8, 2022
  2. ApartTax6070562 Win User


    Don't bother they only give u 500 letters to a review if they read it I'd be surprised they can do what they like and u have no comeback u can't get ahold of them support well that's a misused word there isn't any if u want fruition and sheer outrage well
    that's what u get they are a law onto themselves and we the consumer have no rights
  3. LocalMegalumps Win User


    enforcement is just a kind way of saying xbox mafia
  4. LocalMegalumps Win User


    i got my communications suspended when i was the one being bullied, i want this lifted like yesterday. the enforcement page is a non working joke. it's a bunch of random people handed power and i believe it has to be taken down
  5. The Ivan Drago Win User


    i have a suspension to, but i was only reported why i win few games ! i dont do harassment or abusive language. 2 enforcement...... please du your job correctly . than i still get hatemails from other users , although i have a 2 week suspension. please give
    me a report at my email adress! sorry because my english im from germany.
  6. II Enki Win User


    ive just been banned to unfairly, and ive tried to get in touch with the enforcement team but it says im not eligible to do so, so basically i cant do anything about this while the people who reported me get off scott free. really unfair xbox


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