Excited for Greedfall?

Discus and support Excited for Greedfall? in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; I'm always excited for a new game. Especially one like Greedfall. 3699b385-eb69-471e-bc22-77740e878315 Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Zero420override, Aug 26, 2019.

  1. Excited for Greedfall?

    I'm always excited for a new game. Especially one like Greedfall.

    Zero420override, Aug 26, 2019
  2. A Foam Football Win User

    Battlefield 3 appearing on consoles first time tonight.

    I'm excited. This is me being excited. Excited.
  3. A Livid Penguin Win User


    [quote user="gameinallday"]

    Battlefield 3 will be a let down on consoles. Especially 360. It's too bad, really. If I had a PC anywhere near capable of playing it on max settings, it would be the first thing I grab. MW3 will be about even on all consoles, and that's probably for the
    best. Less console wars. But now it seems like the shooter wars are thousands of times worse.


    My thoughts exactly. I'm considering getting it for PC, maybe for christmas or when I save up some more cash or when it goes on sale. My new rig can handle it I think, so I'd actually be excited for that.
  4. Jagriff-02937283-F24 Win User


    [quote user="x24hrs2livex"]

    [quote user="A Livid Penguin"]

    [quote user="dual skorpionz"]

    Livid, you back into something new each time...do you notice a trend? You get proven wrong time and time again. Just give it up, BF3 > CoD4.1: MW2.5


    Proven wrong every time? Disregarding the fact that 90% of the crap you argue about is opinion, I'd like to see ANY examples of that. The one thing I conceded (i.e. "proven wrong" in your eyes) was that the graphics on PC for Battlefield look much better.
    Other than that I honestly can not think of one thing.

    I played the beta, I saw with my own eyes just as you saw with yours. I've said this before, but while I enjoyed the more realistic BC2 graphics, I prefer the 60 FPS offered by COD because it makes the gameplay that much smoother. In this case it really
    comes down to what you prefer in a game, not whether you can be "proven wrong" on your opinion.


    No sense in arguing Penguin, dual is going to bash COD no matter what. BF3 could give him a mushed turd in a game case and he'd still think that was better than MW3.


    Correction: He'd still come on these forums and say it's better than MW3...we all know he's going to be loving the game.
  5. SaltnRust Win User


    My prediction is that the trend will be new stuff geared toward the elite side of the game which will encourage people to buy the subscription...every once in a while MW3 lite might get a map pack but the focus will be on elite. The elite sales will most
    certainly make up for any loss in casual gamers though.


    Honestly BF3 on 360 is pointless, less people to kill and visuals aren't top notch. If you want to get BF3 then get it for PC not 360.

Excited for Greedfall?

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