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Discus and support Experimental dash feedback in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; Performance. Everyone's claiming it has a performance boost but I am not noticing any difference. Games and Apps now re-loads every time you enter it,... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Nemesis96, Jul 27, 2019.

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    Experimental dash feedback

    1. Performance. Everyone's claiming it has a performance boost but I am not noticing any difference. Games and Apps now re-loads every time you enter it, so this part is actually slower. Fairly certain people are experiencing a placebo effect on loading the store/ mixer etc twists, fine.

    2. Layout. I like that more game tiles are on show now. I don't like how the background is almost completely covered. The ads are now much larger than game tiles which I find disrespectful.

    3. Features. The Discover area is 2 ads and a current activity suggestion. Visually the suggestion is nice because it features game art, but to know that I have 1 friend playing Sea of Thieves is virtually useless information. There are no changes to the twists, they have just been minimised into their own sections. And as another user pointed out, this means you don't see your wallpaper when using these sections.

    4. Details. It always says Resume above your current game no matter what you're doing. Vertical scroll speed on homd has been tweaked. It's nicer now but the parallax on background image motion hasn't been updated to match this new acceleration which is quite jarring.

    Early suggestions. Replace discover with content relevant to your currently playing game. (Hub shortcut, clips, achievements). Rearrange recent games list downwards to let wallpapers shine through

    Also why are there no surveys or quests yet asking for opinions/ feedback on the dash? Feels like we are just here to make sure it works, not to validate UX design.

    P.s. forgive any formatting weirdness, I'm on mobile rn

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    /u/Nemesis96, Jul 27, 2019
  2. Njal the Blue Win User

    The home Menu

    Is it still in Alpha ring?
    It is an experimental dash, that only a select few are seeing at this point in time. My opinion has already been given to the development team.
  3. Argontheos Win User

    Preview members.... who's taking the plunge?

    I'm not in the preview program on X1 and I left the 360 one when my console started freezing on the dashboard when I scrolled through tabs. It stopped when I left it.

    I just wanted to say though, I like the look of the screenies I've seen of the new dash, but it looks like there's no room for customisation on it. Which strikes me as weird, since early-on the feedback for X1 was dash customisation options.

    So they added gradient/fading icons, custom background images etc. It looks kinda like MS is forcing a new generic dash design without considering gamers' desire to customise their dash/experience. And so, again... the feedback will be fresh requests for

    You'd have thought MS would pre-empt that feedback by front-loading the new dash with extensive customisation. I would... anyway... {XD
  4. Darth Stricken Win User

    Xbox Music in background

    Its actually the second most requested feature in Xbox Feedback. Dash themes being first. Check it out!
  5. Cryptic Shrimp Win User

    Xbox one new Dash Feedback

    I agree the new dash is awful. Just got used to the last one, now have to start again. Why could they not keep it as it was??

    Also I think the new update has done something to my xbox one. In another post on here i put on here, it wants to sync each time i play Fallout 4
  6. IRB Win User

    Xbox one new Dash Feedback

    Browse the Store at the top, then in Games choose "Browse all games" just below the main pictures.

    This takes you to a new screen, along the top there is a redeem a code button.

Experimental dash feedback

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