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Discus and support false perm ban in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; hi all, just revieved a permanent suspension, and ive been contacting xbox on phone, aus to u.s, as frustrating as that. is and being told there is... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by MochaReaconz, Jan 15, 2022.

  1. MochaReaconz
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    false perm ban

    hi all, just revieved a permanent suspension, and ive been contacting xbox on phone, aus to u.s, as frustrating as that. is and being told there is nothing they can help with the situation, can an admin or a higher power help me with unbanning my account or make it a temporary ban instead of a perm ban. yet again i have done nothing wrong to recieve this. thanks!

    MochaReaconz, Jan 15, 2022
  2. KindGryphon Win User

    Perm Banned

    so, ive been perm banned twice. im jus wondering if i get reported one time such as false report does tht lead to perm ban? or regular banned because last time i got reported once nd got perm banned.
    Also you wont get banned simply because you are reported. All reports are investigated by the enforcement team before a ban/suspension is handed down.

    If anything the person making the false report would be the one getting banned/suspended as abusing the report feature is against the rules.
  3. XGN_HARMONYAoW_sgt Win User

    Falsely perm banned

    I personally think it is ridiculous that you treat your consumers this way like for example a large majority of xbox players have owned their xbox one for 5-6 years so a 11 year old to a 16-17 year old and through out those years especially as a kid that I
    highley doubt has read your "code of conduct" wich ofcourse leaves them open to several ban's throught 5-6 years as there maturing but this results in a perm ban regardless because statue of limitations dosent matter according to Microsoft and if the evidence
    isnt stated in messages they rely soley on one persons report along with old reports to make their decision and as a loyal customer to xbox I see people intentional false bans all the time people simplely do it as a way to troll or have an edge over someone
    regaurdless if they actually desrved it or not jus simply because they can a similar concept to tampering with users wifi to make them go offline because they beleive its funny and Im also speaking from experience. Because I receantly was in a party with many
    "toxic" players who all were using racist/offensive language and as I deffend my self I realize theirs no point so I leave but they find my gamertag and report me knowing it would ban me and make my day even worse and to top it off it was a perma ban as a
    result of minor com bans from years ago but bottom line that xbox makes it way to easy for people to get falsley baned and from a quick search on youtube or google hundreds of other life long consumers agree and to make it even worse you guys make it as hard
    as possible to reach out to you guys and honstley its probably jus worth it more to buy the new PlayStation when it comes out or just a used ps4 like alot of people seem to be doing but it is really disappointing that people do this and xbox/Microsoft is oblivious
    to it Id appreciate it if you respond right away sir ty \:
  4. Smwutches Win User

    false perm ban

    The enforcement team are the only ones who handle suspensions/bans and they do not use the forums. There is an issue with the notification that is telling everyone that they are permanently banned, but most likely it is not actually permanent. Unfortunately, all you can do is wait for the enforcement site to update to show the suspension to see about submitting a case review.
  5. Smwutches Win User

    false perm ban

    Yes, as stated above, there is an issue with the site.
  6. Smwutches Win User

    false perm ban

    Once the enforcement site shows the suspension, if it's still active and it's eligible, there will be an option for a case review.

false perm ban

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