[Feature Request] Add more player slots to Garden Ops Mode

Discus and support [Feature Request] Add more player slots to Garden Ops Mode in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Hi, Please add more players to the Garden Ops Mode. Thank-you, Shawn 52616754-20c5-4574-b204-ba845c4dd96d Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by RoG Shawzborne, Mar 17, 2014.

  1. [Feature Request] Add more player slots to Garden Ops Mode


    Please add more players to the Garden Ops Mode.



    RoG Shawzborne, Mar 17, 2014
  2. LobiJani2
    LobiJani2 Guest
    Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

    Does anybody want to play garden ops on crazy difficulty? If so send me a friend request!

    Thank you
    LobiJani2, Mar 17, 2014
  3. caaaatm8
    caaaatm8 Guest
    Looking for people to play with

    I play every game mode, but mostly Garden Ops. [Feature Request] Add more player slots to Garden Ops Mode :)

    I've been playing a lot, close to 100 hours I think.
    caaaatm8, Mar 17, 2014
  4. [Feature Request] Add more player slots to Garden Ops Mode

    There's barely enough room for 4 players. Also, it dilutes player roles.
    Gleny Greybeard, Mar 17, 2014
  5. Gleny Greybeard Win User

    [Feature Request] Add more player slots to Garden Ops Mode

    There's barely enough room for 4 players. Also, it dilutes player roles.
  6. CAMARO Xlll Win User

    No Potato Mines In Titanfall!

    For anyone who wants to know, the Xbox One version has extra features that PC and 360 do not. Including: Co-op on Garden Ops and an extra MP mode ( i think). But this game actually does justify the extra money with extra content on XB1 version.
  7. CRUZZifer Win User

    Another Free DLC for PvZ: Garden Warfare (Zomboss Down)

    I am sad that the new map is only in the Garden & Graveyards Mode and not in Garden Ops :( Oh well, I mainly want the new characters :)
  8. MetalGearFloppy Win User

    Sonic Adventure 2 HD on Arcade

    No online modes with the Battle mode DLC.... although it did add Chao Karate....

    Chao garden is still as addictive as it used to be!!!
  9. CRUZZifer Win User

    Plants Vs Zombies New Free DLC!!!

    ^^ I will be sending a FR your way soon.

    Here are the patch notes :)

    It's not just a DLC. It's a HUGE patch too.




    Patch 1.31 Notes “Garden Variety Pack”

    Major Features:

    - New Map: Chomp Town – playable in Garden Ops, Team Vanquish and Gnome Bomb. Yes Crazy Dave IS riding a Chomper… Why??? Because he’s CRAAAZYYY!

    - New Game Mode: Gnome Bomb – be the 1st team to destroy all three gardens or graveyards with the explosive new Gnome Bomb.

    - Pirates have invaded Port Scallywag and Sharkbite Shores in Garden Ops

    - New Abilities for all characters – new character abilities are tucked away in the sticker shop (hint: Crazy Pack and higher are your best bet to get them! Supremium Pack, Incredi-Plant Pack & Vengeful Zomboss Pack have the highest chances to get them)

    - 125 new customization items added to the sticker shop – spread across all characters/rarities…

    - Added Doom-shroom potted plant consumable for plants

    - Added Barrel Pirate, Treasure Map Pirate consumable for zombies

    Minor Features:

    - Improved reliability for the hold (B) interaction wheel – when reviving, building turrets etc….

    - Added Bonus Score for playing Garden Ops Solo or with a friend

    - Added a min player requirement to each game mode

    - Tweaked various hats to improve overall visibility

    - Added improved audio to slow firing weapons to queue players when next shot is available

    Gameplay Balance Changes:

    Alternate Abilities

    - Gameplay tuned and balanced all new alternate character abilities to be balanced with existing abilities

    Corn Artillery

    - Some slight tweaks to gameplay and vfx for Corn Artillery at end of Main Street in Gardens & Graveyards


    - Increased damage radius for pole slam

    Mystic Flower

    - Some improvements to aiming

    Bug Fixes:

    - Various stability & performance improvements

    - Toned down some vfx that were making things hard to see

    - Fix for players that were sometimes not getting their level up card packs and re-awarded those card packs to any impacted by this

    - Fix for characters able to spawn as a character on the opposing team but still be assigned to the previous team

    - Disabled 2 players able to spawn garden at same time in Garden Ops

    - Fixed Engineer default Handlebars not being selectable once changed in customization

    - Fixed Peashooter smiley tattoo not being able to be acquired in sticker packs

    - Some general UI cleanup and polish

    - Fix for AI Engineers not building teleporters properly in Garden Ops

    - Fix to prevent Crazy Dave & Zomboss from flying through shark teeth in Sharkbite Shores

    - Various Map fixes to prevent players getting stuck and getting incorrect out of bounds messages when in bounds

    - Some Chomper animation clean up and polish

    - Added proper title to boasts on leaderboard

    - Fix for not getting extracted in Garden Ops when piloting drone standing in extraction circle

    - Fix for tallnut cannon not vanquishing players directly in front of it

    - Toned down challenges requiring players to plant Rare and Super Rare Consumables

    - Fix to disable other items able to be worn at same time as Astronaut Scientist helmet

    - Fix in split screen for zoom getting momentarily stuck when using abilities

    - Zoom fix issue when near potted plant or grave dirt that would kick players out of zoom when exiting range of pot/grave dirt

    - Fix for bossmode counting as player slot - allowing players to switch teams making teams unbalanced

    - Stats fix for total coins earned not tracking properly on individual characters

    - Fix for out of bounds message sometimes not disappearing if player dies out of bounds in split screen

    - Fix for potato mines sometimes still being active once destroyed for a few seconds

    - Fix for tombstone looping zombies forever when playing coop in single player and the tombstone challenge failed

    - Fixed exploit in bossmode where a player could collect infinite suns before the garden was planted in Garden Ops

    - Fix for Engineer Jackhammer that would stick out of engineer when chomper eating engineer gets vanquished before animation was complete

    - Fix for some characters not playing their reload animation client side

    - Fix for Camera sometimes detaching from character when being shot from cannon in Driftwood Shores Gardens & Graveyards mode

    - Fix for Bags of Coins and diamonds coming up in slot machine in Garden Ops sometimes not awarding correct amount

    - Fix for Black screen sometimes being displayed joining at a specific point during post round cinematics

    - Fix for when character select screen would go under the world and look bad

    - Fix for vanquish icon sometimes displaying inconsistently

    - Fix for interactable yellow sparkles sometimes not playing on the correct item and generally being unreliable

    - Garden Ops fix for Bossmode player looking like unassigned player in leaderboard

    - Prevent player from being able to revive when vanquished out of bounds

    - Southpaw button layout option did not work properly for drones and has been corrected

    - Fixed responsiveness of weapons/abilities after spawning (there were a few seconds of limited input)

    - Fixed video audio sometimes not getting turned off when skipping initial videos before reaching title menu

[Feature Request] Add more player slots to Garden Ops Mode

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