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    Games need to have a update history of what was updated on the Xbox one

    submitted by /u/sonicofbalance
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    /u/sonicofbalance, Sep 13, 2019
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    Anyone but me sick of post quoting the entire OP then restating what has already been said by other members?
  4. Upinya Slayin Win User


    [quote user="BurnedMan of 1"]

    dear microsoft

    i purchased your new console and feel unhappy about doing so. i am a fan of the xbox as the 360 has been brilliant with gaming, easy use and connecting with friends.

    now i have the xbox one. starting off i don't like the display setup. it's not as easy and the 360 display setup. there are no themes or avators so there's no feel of personal identity.

    the options are limited in comparison and not as easy to find but that probably due to the fact that there's sod all to look for.

    only one probletm i had with the 360 was the jumpy motion in picture when playing rented movies i downloaded or playing a dvd. to quick fix the problem i bought a ps3 as i wanted bluray at the time. now with the xbox one i find the same jumpy motion in picture
    problem playing dvd, bluray and satelite.

    to top it all off i can't play music i already have off my external hard drive. it just seems that i have bought this so it can try to get more money out of me for more pointless purchases through it.

    only 3 thing i like which i believe could have been an upgrade to the 360. the kinect, the controller and skype. otherwise i do feel like i have wasted my money.

    p.s. i can't find a fecking feedback section to leave this complaint. sort it out!!!


    1) avatars are still there. themes will probably come later. remember MS didn't make themes, the companies did. i had a FO3 theme on my 360 that bethseda gave me for free for buying all the DLC. Remember the 360 didn't have them at launch. give it time

    2) i haven't played any BD or DVD on it, but i watch tv on it all the time with no issues. even with TV snapped and a game running the picture isn't jumpy. maybe your xbox is having issues. did you try a hard reboot? its seems like a windows PC where if
    you don't hard reboot the cache fills up and makes the UI laggy.

    3) external HD support is coming in 2014.
  5. Karch V Amadeo Win User


    Avatars still there, just in a minor menu.
  6. pkvas Win User


    Do your research before you buy something


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