Fraudulent Charges

Discus and support Fraudulent Charges in XBoX Sales and Promo to solve the problem; Okay, so here is my question. Why can't Microsoft let you refute gift card purchases that were made and redeemed on a different account? I was told... Discussion in 'XBoX Sales and Promo' started by sheanash, Feb 14, 2020.

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    Fraudulent Charges

    Okay, so here is my question. Why can't Microsoft let you refute gift card purchases that were made and redeemed on a different account?

    I was told the only recourse was to contact my financial institution. I do not share my account with others. I received an unusual activity alert through email. I check, it says someone in Arizona signed in (I live in Alaska), and then someone bought two
    xbox gift cards and redeemed them. I call support. They ask me who redeemed the cards, if I get them to reply to a verification code then I can get a refund, and if I don't know then my only recourse is to contact my financial institution. How the flip should
    I know who it is?! I am reporting theft to you! I am reporting a crime on your system and you have no way of dealing with it?! Why? Am I missing something?

    I read another thread where some community member support person said an analogy to the effect of, "If someone steals your card and charges a retail store you don't demand a refund from the store, you contact your financial institution." That is total
    [Mod Removed - Inappropriate]! Using that analogy, this is more like someone steals my card and spends it in the retail store right in front of me, the cashier yells at me, "Hey this seems suspicious!" and then the cashier puts the purchase
    on in-store credit on the thief's account anyway, which is attached to all their personal information, and I point at the person and say, "hey that is theft!" and tell the cashier to do something about it and credit back my virtual money and the cashier says,
    "I'm sorry sir, but I can't do anything about it." Then they turn to the thief and say, "Thank you for your recent purchases!"

    Why the flip is there no recourse? Or is there and customer support is not the way to go?

    This happened in the states, how do I get any kind of justice? Call the police? FBI?

    sheanash, Feb 14, 2020
  2. SUPERSOAKERx69 Win User


    If in fact it is fraud you most DEFINITELY want to file this with your bank. Even if MS could give you a refund (which they can't) IT IS STILL FRAUD. You should file with your bank as soon as possible. I would also suggest putting more layers of security
    on your card.

    But if your credit card number was stolen, but not the actual card,
    you are not liable at all for unauthorized use; any fraudulent credit charges are usually credited back to your account immediately after THEY ARE REPORTED to YOUR BANK.

    So do yourself a favor and protect yourself by call or filing a report with your bank.
  3. HAZMAT RADIO Win User


    If its fraud, you're not going to get a refund.

    If someone else used your card at walmart and then you show up later at walmart saying give me my money back , same result. No money given.

    Your card, you and your banks responsibility when there's fraud. It's up to the bank to deal with the fraud investigation
  4. steeledwand7664 Win User


    The person that used your card would not get away with it part of the fraud process through your bank would be what is called a chargeback basically MS will take away the licenses to the purchases that were made if they were games or DLC or whatever and
    MS will see this as Marketplace theft and permanently ban ANY account that those purchases were made on.

    As far as the credit card information even if they could find an account with the card on it currently unless you could verify ownership of the account by getting a verification code sent to any phone or email on the account they would not be able to tell
    you anything about the account. And you would still need to file a fraud claim with your bank.

    Think about it this way if someone were to get your card information and go online and make purchases say at any online retailer even if you contact that retailer and try and get information about the transaction for privacy purposes they would not be able
    to give you any information about that account that made the purchases and would tell you that you would need to file a fraud claim with your bank.
  5. sheanash Win User

    Fraudulent Charges

    But Microsoft redeemed the gift cards to someone's account! That someone is the thief. The person getting the giftcards does not know my credit card information, Microsoft has this, likely all they had was my password. I changed my password and downloaded
    the Microsoft authenticator app to my phone, but literally someone redeemed this specific gift cards to their specific xbox account THAT MICROSOFT KNOWS! It shouldn't require anything but some button pushing to track them down.
  6. Dadwhite Win User

    Fraudulent Charges

    Unless the charge is on your account that you own then you can not dispute the charges with Microsoft. Your best option is to dispute the charges with your credit/debit card company and let them handle the dispute with Microsoft. This is what they do
    as a financial institution. It's is a lot easier to dispute credit card charges rather than debit card, takes less time.

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