Game disappears after uninstalling

Discus and support Game disappears after uninstalling in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Recently, during the 12th to the 16th of December. Fallout 76 was free. So I started the installation for it which took for so damn long. It took two... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by NathanSpreng, Dec 19, 2019.

  1. NathanSpreng
    NathanSpreng Guest

    Game disappears after uninstalling

    Recently, during the 12th to the 16th of December. Fallout 76 was free. So I started the installation for it which took for so damn long. It took two days! I started the night of the 14th and it finished installing on the 16th. After getting back from school
    and getting all excited to play fallout 76, I hop on my Xbox, log in, and try playing it, but then out of no where, it tells me that I didn't own the game and I needed to buy it in the Xbox store. Not exactly sure what is said, but it did say that in the message.
    I try restarting my Xbox because I knew that I had now owned the game on my Xbox. After a quick restart, I was still getting the error code! So I open up fallout 76 in the store and it says that I have installed the game and I could play it. But noooo....
    It won't let me. After a long time of frustration, I just uninstalled the game to see if that would work. I didn't want to do it because of the amount of time to wait for the download, but I did it anyways. When it uninstalled. Poof. Gone. It fully disappeared
    out of my Xbox. Wasn't in the ready to install list. It was no where. When I checked the store, it said I had to buy it. Why does this happen...

    NathanSpreng, Dec 19, 2019
  2. NathanSpreng Win User

    Game disappears after uninstalling

    Well if that's the case. Shucks. It never told me that I could only have it for a short amount of time. It just said that if I had Xbox live gold, I could get it for free. Wish it could be more specific.
  3. Kevenstu01 Win User

    Game disappears after uninstalling

    what most likely happened is that the game was free to play for a limited time (not given)

    like many other title that on occasion are free to play (as if you owned it) for limited time (usual between 24 to 72 hours) usually to celebrate something related to the game or dev(s)
  4. XxBigHomie215 Win User

    Error code 0x87de0bb8 when playing Assassins Creed IV

    after seeing this code 0x87de0bb8 while trying to play ac4 so like i said before i uninstalled it and the game just disappeared can anyone help with problem
  5. Scowy Win User

    Broken Game

    My tiles didn't disappear when swapping but after placing them.

    I have uninstalled and installed it again and they have come back, I did wonder if it would work.

    Thanks, I can continue the game now.
  6. J.R.G. Win User

    Xbox One Media Player

    I had a similar problem with the app seeming to disappear after uninstalling it. The solution was to pop a C.D. into the drive which triggered it to update. Hope this works for you.

    Peace, J.R.

Game disappears after uninstalling

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