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Discus and support Gamer Tag in XBoX on Mobile to solve the problem; I was wondering if I can change my gamer tag for free the second time, or what amount can I pay to change it. 1e003591-60e6-42a1-b906-91ad9c40cb83 Discussion in 'XBoX on Mobile' started by AmandaQueiroz Costa, Jul 15, 2021.

  1. Gamer Tag

    AmandaQueiroz Costa, Jul 15, 2021
  2. youseemeiseeyou Win User

    Playing two player split screen in Minecraft

    This is not my real gamer tag my real gamer tag is xXZombiebestXx so this is my old gamer tag
  3. HAZMAT RADIO Win User

    Swapping gamertags

    Gamer tags are tied to accounts and can only be changed when you go through the process to change the gamer tag. No one can give you a gamer tag to assign to another account.

    So, neither you or as you stated, "people threating to take the tag as soon as it is chnaged" can take that gamer tag.

    The gamer tag won't be made available right away if you change the gamer tag on that original account.
  4. orik0n74 Win User

    Error message when trying to access forums - Access Denied for Mr Messy Pants

    I'm going to assume that what is going on is that you were issued a forced gamer tag change since the gamer tag may be deemed offensive. A forced gamer tag change can result in not being able to post on the forums until that gamer tag is changed.

    Change the Username witch is allready in use help

    Hello there oOI BUMBUM IOo When an Xbox live member chooses an Xbox gamer-tag, they have the full rights to keep that gamer-tag even know if they have been inactive for years along with no gamer-score & no gold membership,
    you will not be able to request for the gamer-tag to be forced changed. The owner of the gamer-tag must change it himself or when a forced gamer tag change is imposed due to the gamer-tag violated the code of conduct in any sort of way, if the gamer tag you
    enter is already taken, you are prompted to try another gamer tag Also try to remember that gamer-tags are also tied to services like Zune or games for windows live. If a gt doesn't exist on Xbox or has already been taken, it might be in use on one of those
    Additional services like gfwl.
  6. BIGBOY x 760 Win User


    Why did my gamer-tag change? It really didn't offend nobody ( BIgBOyLuvMiLPhz )it was a funny gamer-tag to make people laugh and this was my first time actually getting reported. My friends gamer-tag were funny but when they got reported they had to change
    there gamer-tag to something else or they couldn't play live at all and you gave them a (FREE GAMER-TAG CHANGE), how come I cant get that opportunity to change my gamer-tag?

Gamer Tag

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