Gamertag issue

Discus and support Gamertag issue in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; So I recenetly received a free name change and decided to use it, I tried to change my gamertag to TheRobinsonson, an error appeared stating i wasn't... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by xNzUx Tlmttu, Jun 13, 2019.

  1. xNzUx Tlmttu
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    Gamertag issue

    So I recenetly received a free name change and decided to use it, I tried to change my gamertag to TheRobinsonson, an error appeared stating i wasn't allowed to use more than 12 digits so i settled for TheRobinson. This gamertag were already taken so they
    automatically gave me TheRobinson8421 which is longer than TheRobinsonson.

    This frustrated me as I clearly were allowed my original choice and decided to look again, after TheRobinsonson into the name changer, it came up as available and would allow me to have it but only if I paid? I contacted Support and they tried to tell me
    I wasn't allowed a gamertag over 12 characters when they're service clearly let me but only if I paid, frustrated with this I asked if I could send him screenshots to prove to him it were letting me but I couldn't, I sent him the URL I were using which he
    confirmed were correct and stated the numbers I were given in my gamertag didn't count towards the digits number. I tried to argue that it is letting me have the gamertag I wanted but for a price and asked why this is the case now when it wasn't the case 30
    mins ago when it were free? He clearly didn't believe me and told me if I paid for the name change and it accepts hit he will credit me the money back so I accepted.

    Lord behold i were correct and it worked, after this he admitted that it were clearly a fault by them and not me so I insisted because they've accepted responsibility for the mistake that I receive a refund into my bank as I shouldn't be charged for something
    that they've accepted responsibility for the problem but they refused and said because I accepted it can go into my account before I fully knew it were a fault on their part they are refusing a refund, they'll only give credit.

    Are they allowed to do this? I find it morally wrong that they're still wanting to take my money after they have fully accepted its an error on their part.

    xNzUx Tlmttu, Jun 13, 2019
  2. onyxishere Win User

    Gamertag issue

    People are taking tag names all the time so it's entirely possible that those were taken before you selected the option to use it.

    However, a more likely answer is that although the message says that those names are available for Xbox Live they have been used elsewhere within the Microsoft family. Once a tag has been used in one service it cannot be used in another.
  3. Innerspace HQ Win User

    Gamertag issue

    That's actually a great workaround, particularly given you can delete the old e-mail once it becomes the alias.

    Thanks very much for your help!
  4. Innerspace HQ Win User

    Gamertag issue

    Thanks! I think I can probably still do that, I'd just like to remove the old name, it's about 20 years old and the E-Mail reflects the maturity of a 12 year old. I'll give that a bash as a work around.

    If anybody else knows a better way I'd be glad to hear it but I'll try that for now. Thank you! :)
  5. WPAK Win User

    Gamertag Issue

    Hi there,

    I'm afraid it's not possible to just delete a gamertag, it needs to be moved to a different email address.

    To switch an account to a different email address please see the steps on this link:

    But since there already is a gamertag present, you will also need to check this link:

    It has all the steps on how to move accounts around when there already is an xbox live account present.

    Be aware that some steps have requirements like the need to be on a console without being redownloaded for at least 30 days etc.

    Let us know the results
  6. ngocphi Win User

    Gamertag issue

    And FYI you can also use Skype on xbox if you have kinect

Gamertag issue

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