Gamertag prevention

Discus and support Gamertag prevention in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Bonjour depuis quelques jour mon Gamertag a étais ban pour raison de rasist mon ancien Gamertag était Oni Blackyy vous trouvé sa rasist moi non Oni... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Just Blackyy, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. Just Blackyy
    Just Blackyy Guest

    Gamertag prevention

    Bonjour depuis quelques jour mon Gamertag a étais ban pour raison de rasist mon ancien Gamertag était Oni Blackyy vous trouvé sa rasist moi non Oni veux dire démon en japonais et Blackyy un surnom qu'on me donne par mes amis xbox il y a 8ANS de sa je voudrais
    savoir si je change de Gamertag en ESL Blackyy je risque encore de me faire ban nouveau ? Merci bonne journée

    Just Blackyy, Sep 28, 2019
  2. RedCarGamer Win User

    Gamertag prevention

    The best is try to choose another gamertag, since have most of the same content than the previous one, which resulted in a gamertag ban.
  3. WPAK Win User

    Gamertag prevention

    Web translation:

    Hello since a few days my Gamertag was ban because of rasist my former Gamertag was Oni Blackyy you found his rasist me no Oni means demon in Japanese and Blackyy a nickname given to me by my friends xbox 8years ago
    I would like to know if I change Gamertag in ESL Blackyy I still risk to ban me again?
    Thanks, have a good day


    Hi there,

    people in the forums will not be able to determine if a gamertag will have a risk of being banned/changed.

    You will have to read the Code of COnduct etc to try and determine that yourself. Code of conduct and all other enforcement related information can be found here:

    You may also have the option for a Case Review for any previous enforcement actions if you feel it was wrong

    Let us know the results
  4. NeoDan123 Win User

    Gamertag from inactive account

    Gamertags is linked to all Microsoft accounts, even if they are not used on Xbox.

    Unfortunatly there is nothing we can do to change your gamertag as the system prevents the duplication of gamertags.
  5. gds1972 Win User

    Gamertag confusion


    It is possible that this gamertag is tied to another Microsoft account that is not active on Xbox Live or the gamertag is one that had been withheld by Microsoft for another reason and this will prevent you from being to claim the gamertag.
  6. Dirty Loco Win User

    Gamertag Availability Issues

    If the spacing in the name is different, that name will not be available. For example if some has the name "Gamertag" (without spaces), every other version of "Gamertag", like "Gamer<space>Tag", or "GaMeRtAg", or whatever will
    not be available. That prevents mistaken identity.

    @vAstro HD Microsoft DID in fact delete unused gamertags, but some scumbag users decided to sell unique names, so the stopped releasing the old names to prevent this. Blame the moron "name hoarders" for this not MS.

Gamertag prevention

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