Gametag just changed

Discus and support Gametag just changed in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; A while back my gamertag changed to a random one an I didnt pay to much atention to it because I wasnt realy playing games with other and I also though... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by VividColt188292, Oct 7, 2019.

  1. Gametag just changed

    A while back my gamertag changed to a random one an I didnt pay to much atention to it because I wasnt realy playing games with other and I also though i could change it again or at least change it back but when i tried to change it it wuldnt unless i would
    pay the normal fee of 10€ but i realy dont want to pay money just becous i dont want to have a

    Random gamertag.

    Also i couldnt find a fitting category under support for my problem

    Any Ideas would be appeciated

    VividColt188292, Oct 7, 2019
  2. ThisGameIsSucky Win User

    Gametag just changed

    Like everyone has pointed out, when your gamertag is changed "without your knowledge to something random," its often because it was reported and thus changed to a 'default' tag.

    You'll have to pay the fee to change it if you want to change it again. You only get one free tag change but its voided unless whenever you made your account you chose to make a unique name rather than taking the automatic default... if that makes any sense?

    You could try Microsoft Rewards and save up on rewards points to get an Xbox Live giftcard if you are short on funds and don't want to spend your personal money on it. I use that every day and you can make a lot using it. Very helpful.
  3. PalmettoBling Win User

    Gametag just changed

  4. ScheduledAbyss8 Win User

    Gametag just changed

    The next gamertag that you will enter, choose it well and that it will not break the rules
  5. XBF Chris J Win User

    Gametag just changed

    Hello VividColt,

    Thank you for posting here on the Xbox forums. Usually, when your gamertag is changed without your knowledge, it is because it violated the terms of use and it was forcefully changed by the Xbox live enforcement team. Can you log into our
    enforcement website to check on any past enforcement actions?

    Aside from that, are you able to change your gamertag for free from this website?

    I believe that due to the recent changes to gamertags, you are able to choose a new one, if you would like, as a one time courtesy.
  6. SpiralOut46and2 Win User

    Gametag just changed

    The only reason a gamertag would be changed to a random one would be if it somehow broke the Code of Conduct, and Enforcement was made aware of it and changed it. Was your previous gamertag anything that could have somehow been taken as offensive or inappropriate?

Gametag just changed

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