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Discus and support Gift card in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; hey guys, im having a problem, I`ve bought a gift card and im trying to activate it, but doesn't work, they say that they are going to investigate and... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Schonhorst, Oct 6, 2018.

  1. Schonhorst
    Schonhorst Guest

    Gift card

    hey guys, im having a problem, I`ve bought a gift card and im trying to activate it, but doesn't work, they say that they are going to investigate and I`ve to try redeem this later, is there anything that I can do to activate this fast? thanks

    Schonhorst, Oct 6, 2018
  2. Buy large amounts of gift cards.

    Hi Xbox.

    I'm an Italian guy who is about to get into the game by opening up a company.

    I would like to specialize in selling gift cards. Most importantly, there are the Xboxlive Gift Cards.

    I would like more information on prices. The funds I do not miss so my purchases would always be for tens of thousands

    of euro but I would like to understand a little better that margins are there.

    Specifically, I'm interested in small cuts in both EUR and $.

    Something like this:

    Xbox Gift Card 5 Eur

    Xbox Gift Card 10 Eur

    Xbox Gift Card 15 Eur

    Xbox Gift Card 20 Eur

    Xbox Gift Card 25 Eur

    Xbox Gift Card 50 Eur

    Xbox Gift Card 5 $

    Xbox Gift Card 10 $

    Xbox Gift Card 15 $

    Xbox Gift Card 20 $

    Xbox Gift Card 25 $

    Xbox Gift Card 50 $

    Waiting for your kind reply I wish you a good day.

    Andrea Schirripa
    Stardragon003, Oct 6, 2018
  3. ClNTRoN
    ClNTRoN Guest
    XBOX Live Gift Cards

    There’s Xbox gift cards, which can be spent on anything in the store, and then there are Xbox Live subscription cards. If you bought a card specifically for Gold, then it’s just for that. I would go back to the store and exchange it for Xbox gift cards.
    ClNTRoN, Oct 6, 2018
  4. XBF Nestor S
    XBF Nestor S Guest

    Gift card

    Hey Schon

    Thanks for bringing this issue to us bud! We will be more than glad to help with the issue at hand but we will need more information. Is there any error codes present? Where is the code being redeemed? Let us know so we can further assist!!
    XBF Nestor S, Oct 6, 2018
  5. StuartATrueRed, Oct 6, 2018
  6. Schonhorst
    Schonhorst Guest
    I`ve tried to redeem it at my xbox, my pc and my iPhone. there Isn`t any error codes
    Schonhorst, Oct 6, 2018
  7. XBF Nestor S
    XBF Nestor S Guest
    Hmm it could be part of our ongoing Service Alert that was mentioned before. Check out our
    Xbox Live Status page and stay informed by selecting the Notify me button and let us know if we can further assist with this or any other issue!!
    XBF Nestor S, Oct 6, 2018
  8. XBF Nestor S
    XBF Nestor S Guest

    Gift card

    Also we would suggest
    Requesting a Callback
    from one of our Xbox Billing Specialists so we can see what other options are available to get this issue squared away!
    XBF Nestor S, Oct 6, 2018
  9. Outtasight1
    Outtasight1 Guest
    Hey StuartATrueRed;

    Thank you for the heads up on that Gift card :)
    Outtasight1, Oct 6, 2018
  10. ESportsVue
    ESportsVue Guest
    Have you tried using the Xbox app to redeem
    ESportsVue, Oct 6, 2018
  11. Outtasight1
    Outtasight1 Guest
    Having the same problem trying to redeem xbox gift card code both thru my game and thru my microsoft account - the following is what comes up:

    Sorry, an unexpected error has occurred. The error has been recorded and we will investigate. Please try to redeem your code later.


    2018/10/06 - 23:11:03 UTC

    I've left notification of resolution but if you have any other info that would be greatly appreciated!
    Outtasight1, Oct 6, 2018
  12. XBF Nestor S
    XBF Nestor S Guest
    As previously stated ladies and gentlemen!

    There is an ongoing
    Service Alert
    on our end affecting Buying items, redeeming codes, or downloading purchases. We suggest

    Requesting a Callback
    from one of our Xbox Support Specialists to see what options are available for further assistance regarding the redeeming matter!
    Keep us posted to see what else we can help with!
    XBF Nestor S, Oct 6, 2018
  13. ESportsVue
    ESportsVue Guest

    Gift card

    Ok if you have the Xbox app try it there if problem keeps ocurring then wait a while it should work!
    ESportsVue, Oct 6, 2018
  14. pa1blo
    pa1blo Guest
    There is a service alert on the status page about redeeming codes.
    pa1blo, Oct 6, 2018
  15. jim.5
    jim.5 Guest
    i have the same problem, 2 hours later and my xbox status is limited again, i cant join the customer service because is closed... im mad seriously, i paid 50 buck 2 time for a gift card and i loss my time.. its saturday, COME ON!!!
    microsoft investigate like F.I.B. I give u a tip: call C.S.I
    jim.5, Oct 6, 2018

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