Discus and support Hackers in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; [Mod removed Gamertags/link - Don't name and shame, see guidelines] These two hacked a rainbow six siege server. After a stressful support with ubi.... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by #1REPORT, Aug 16, 2019.

  1. #1REPORT
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    [Mod removed Gamertags/link - Don't name and shame, see guidelines]

    These two hacked a rainbow six siege server.

    After a stressful support with ubi. They cannot reset ranked of players who hack and cheat. So I been playing since day one and cant reach platinum ranked legitly for the last 4years because of this happening everytime.

    How am I suppose to play a game when we cant even report the problem. I bet their names will be blurred out. I cant sign into ubi support to update my ticket. So its obvious they have a employee that's doing this.

    #1REPORT, Aug 16, 2019
  2. Sipuli91 Win User

    [Mod Removed] you hackers!!!!

    Lol, hackers, hackers and hackers. It's always hackers when someone kills you over and over again. In all seriousness, I've got around 5 days of gameplay time behind me and this is how many hackers I've spotted: 0. You want hackers? Go play CoD4 or, even
    worse, WaW.

    Oh, and let's keep the disguting SOPA and PIPA out of this discussion as there is no relation, thank you.
  3. Thundering Evil Win User

    Microsoft or Mega-problem

    I want this problem to be fixed! If this problem is allowed to go on the console gamer will not.

    First we had video games then came the game hacker. Now it is at the beginning of "hacker wars" with the "hacker nuke" the stopping of other hackers or players any way they can. This evaluation will continue to evolve with no gamer in sight!
  4. BalisticMayh3m9 Win User

    XBOX LIVE GET HACKED?!!?!?!?!?!?

    Yeah a hacker group named anoymous had hacked xbox live , they are targeting other hackers
  5. UneasyJmitchell Win User

    My MW3 rank has been reset 5th Prestige to Zero ???

    ^^Yeah, they (hackers) derank you, then they (hackers) will give your rank back for monies or M$ points.
  6. LOBAGOOBIE Win User

    What's your class set up.

    CQC: 74u with rapid fire, Python speed reload. Steady aim, Scavenger, Hacker.

    Mid Range1: AK47 Dual mags, LAW. Hardened, Scavenger, Hacker.

    Mid Range2: AK47 Dual mags, LAW. Slight of hand, Ghost, Hacker.

    Long Range:M16 ACOG, Strela 3. Slight of hand, Ghost, Hacker.


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