Hacking of any kind

Discus and support Hacking of any kind in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; If you are an idiot saying hacking does nit happen on different devices you are a fool liar or both. Bill gates and his allies in china from the shadow... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by meonly1, Dec 7, 2020.

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    Hacking of any kind

    If you are an idiot saying hacking does nit happen on different devices you are a fool liar or both. Bill gates and his allies in china from the shadow government has created hacking apps on cell phones. They all have created sting ray devices to steal
    your sms messages from your phone. They also use the dark web to rape your modem without leaving their device mac address on your modem. But you can still do advanced ip address search. Youdo know that they created wifi password cracking toold and long range
    attenas.they also created software like ttspy.com stalkertools.com colasoft.com. im a victim living in a sanctuary city for criminals. I get all kinds of trash stalking and harassing me 24/7. Its called gang stalking ir group stalking. Just look at youtube.
    There are tons ofhow to videos from stalkers that encourage more future stalkers. My gaming machines are cracked into all the time. I try to play my forza games. The idiot wants to control mylooking around thumbstick when im not even touching it. When nobody
    is across the street my games all run fine.only the shadow government hackers are the only ones who tell you that it doesnt happen. They areliars and ****. Lets all do it back to them and see how they like it. And if you see people stalking your house then
    unplug your modem. Watch the stalkers all drive off.

    meonly1, Dec 7, 2020
  2. IMPERIAL 915 Win User


    Ladies and Gents,

    If you are witnessing any hacking, cheating or any kind during an online session on witch ever game you may have witnessed it on; please feel free to use the in-game report feature. Majority of the games have this in place so they can review and revise reports
    of any kind of unfair game play as well as any kind of abuse.

    Microsoft / XBOX can and will not be able to issue any kind of ban/warning unless the said person has hacked an account, tried to hack XBOX servers and ect. Again if you witnessed any kind of hacking, boosting,glitching; report it on the game that person
    is doing it on. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to message me here on this thread, or contact me via my GT.
  3. awtacular Win User


    Its just another random idiot full of it. Theres no hacks online for the normal multiplayer. Theres not even any kind of hack online for any of the previously hacked cod games that could do that.
  4. DreamCracker Win User

    Can someone get a member from xbox to ban me?

    Sorry for coming back to this post. i would like to ask something. Is it possible to use any kind of hacks to gain gamerpoints? Because i've had the same kind of arguement like evil. but the kid turned out saying he 'did hack' to get the points.
  5. reforc3 Win User

    Fifa 12 virtual pro max

    Well, any kind of hack of modding is forbidden by XBOX LIVE Terms, but is EA Sports the ones who are in charge to ban from their servers the players who do that kind of hacks, and Xbox LIVE is the one who can ban the user from the LIVE online system only.
  6. xvxxx Win User

    can u get banned for usb hacking

    Yes, just like VernierSlake said, you can and will be punished for any sort of hacking, no matter what kind.

Hacking of any kind

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