Discus and support Harassment in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I’ve been complaining to Microsoft about being harassed by a certain gamer but nothing has been done to address the offending player and i still... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by PerditionAwaits, Apr 7, 2021.

  1. Harassment

    I’ve been complaining to Microsoft about being harassed by a certain gamer but nothing has been done to address the offending player and i still receive taunting messages from said player. I have reported this guy several times and yet he still shows up in multiplayer games. The block/report/mute approach is still no good and nobody at Xbox seems interested in addressing the issue. After yet another bout of vicious messaging I tried to get help from Xbox Support on Twitter but alas - a bot. Next I tried chatting with an ‘Xbox Gamer’ and was given the same old pathetic ‘report/block/mute’ routine. The offensive harassment got so bad that it has been affecting my mental health and I’ve been put on meds by a shrink for anxiety. I can no longer play two of my favorite Star Wars games because one player is allowed to do what they please with absolutely NO consequence. At what point does Microsoft/Xbox step in and help the gamers who support them? To what extent does a gamer have to get bullied until Microsoft starts taking it seriously?

    PerditionAwaits, Apr 7, 2021
  2. jb0Ogi3 Win User

    Chat Ban Upheld XMAS Eve HELP

    That doesnt help me at all. I was harassed first no matter what. If i had just reported it that doesnt take away the fact i was harassed. I was playing an online game minding my own business when this player started harassing me. Reporting it doesnt take
    back the harassment i endured. Then i end up getting banned and not them. Thats ridiculous. I will not stand for a platform that allows someone to be harassed and then bans the person who was harassed.
  3. Im Offline5048 Win User

    Harassment on Xbox

    Report the harassment to a administrator. Or block,mute and ignore the player that is harassing you
  4. MisterSwitch Win User

    Sexual Harassment File..Complaint.. Where?

    Sexual harassment, and any harassment for that matter is already covered under the existing complaint options.
  5. icepick4000 Win User

    I need to talk to one of the XBLPET members

    got banned for harassment when I was the one being harassed the person who was harassing me was harassing children I'm 39 years old I don't play the harassing children with children and asking for sexual favors that's why I got bad because some **** has
    to ask his for ****'s what it was about I'm a year old 39man that don't play that I was sexually assaulted when I was 4 years old that's why I don't play those games
  6. bowski477 Win User


    Please use the tools provided on your console to file a complaint on the player. You can also block communications to avoid any future contact from this player. In the future calling out gamertags on the forums is not allowed. Thanks!


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