HDMI issue with Xbox

Discus and support HDMI issue with Xbox in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I never post to anything like this, but I have searched everywhere online and have found no solution. So here goes... A few days ago my Xbox stopped... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by Law3, May 30, 2014.

  1. Law3
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    HDMI issue with Xbox

    I never post to anything like this, but I have searched everywhere online and have found no solution. So here goes...

    A few days ago my Xbox stopped video and audio. I was finally able to get video back (the Y+RT thing might have fixed it), but no audio. Disabling Display Discovery in the Xbox settings brought back my audio. I returned the settings to 1080p. Everything
    works on the HDMI port on the side of my TV. There are 3 additional HDMI ports on the back of the TV. None of the three work. I get "mode not supported" or an all static screen with a split second of the dashboard picture flickering every 5-6 seconds.

    HDMI 1,2, & 3 -- "mode not supported" or flickering static screen

    HDMI 4 -- beautiful 1080p with audio

    I have tried 3 different HDMI cables with the same results (all roughly 6'). I have plugged my DirecTV STB and panny blu-ray in, and all 4 ports work at 1080p with no issues.

    I want these HDMI ports on the back to work because this is a wall mount install and I want a clean install. The side HDMI is visible.

    Help me, Internet. You're my only hope.

  2. Droth1187
    Droth1187 Guest
    Anyone else have issues with TV after last update?

    XBox one updated the other night and since than XBox is unable to detect my DirecTV box. Checked under Settings > TV and does not detect anything. Find it to be a huge coincidence that the XBox updates and now the HDMI cable went bad at the same time?
    Going to pick up a new HDMI cable tonight to see if this is the issue, was just wondering if anyone else experienced this issue or this issue at any other point with the XBox?

    Droth1187, May 30, 2014
  3. CaCHooKa Man
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    NXOE Issue with HDMI

    These aren't the preview forums:


    You also probably didn't read the release notes:


    • You may experience a black screen when using a device via HDMI-in, even if this device is not a cable or set-top box.
    • Workaround: Run through the initial TV set-up and configure for a TV provider even if you don’t have a TV provider.
    CaCHooKa Man, May 30, 2014
  4. FlintyGull79 Win User

    What format to use ?

    Try connecting the Xbox One HDMI Cable to HDMI 1 and see if that fixes the issue!
  5. Waxx1981 Win User

    HDMI Input causing intermittent Audio and Video signal loss issues

    1. Cisco ISB7500

    2. AT&T

    3. CISCO ISB7500 (HDMI) Xbox One (HDMI) Pioneer VSX-1021 (HDMI) LG LX6500

    Removing the Xbox One eliminates the issue, and swapping HDMI cables into and out of the Xbox One does nothing. Signal loss is basically permanent now.

    HDMI cable from Xbox One to receiver is the one provided with Xbox One, all other HDMI are insignia highspeed HDMI.
  6. Miss Portia Win User

    Hdmi issue

    DOes your TV have more than one HDMI Input? If so, could you try the others?
  7. Georgelulwaf Win User

    Hdmi issue

    OK I'll try that now, thanks.
  8. Hyperion145 Win User

    HDMI issue.


HDMI issue with Xbox

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