Headset problem.

Discus and support Headset problem. in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I've had this problem since I bought the Xbox One. When I'm playing a game and wearing a headset, if I unplug the headset I lose all sound. No sound... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by INFINITE12, Mar 4, 2015.

    INFINITE12 Guest

    Headset problem.

    I've had this problem since I bought the Xbox One. When I'm playing a game and wearing a headset, if I unplug the headset I lose all sound. No sound whatsoever comes out of my tv. I have to plug the headset in, mute it, and put it down beside me to get any
    sound to come through my TV. I have no idea what the problem is, I've had different headsets and it still happens.

    INFINITE12, Mar 4, 2015
  2. Oldman Jr
    Oldman Jr Guest
    headset problem

    well if you had something that hijacks the audio between the xbone and tv like a pvr or something (mind you it has to support audio out) then you could hook it up to that and just mute the tv whenever you played games. other then that, no not really. I know that we're getting the adaptors from microsoft for getting mic to work with the xbone in march but I dunno if that will affect the game sounds in anyway.
    Oldman Jr, Mar 4, 2015
  3. darkserpant
    darkserpant Guest
    headset problem

    Hi all, I have a turtle beach PX22 headset. Hooked into the audio out (3.5mm ) jack from my tv. I only want to use it for xbox. But as soon the tv powers on the headset powers on. Because it is connected to the audio out of the tv. The only audio out of the xbox is optical. Headset doesn't have optical. And doesn't have on and off switch. How can I have the headset not on constantly while I am watching tv? Without going behind and unplugging it all the time? Is there a different way of hooking the headset up? Thanks.
    darkserpant, Mar 4, 2015
  4. KiNGG STiCkY Win User

    Xbox headset not playing game or party audio but I can still hear myself when I monitor my mic.

    Sounds like a headset or a xbox controller problem ... do u have another controller to try the headset in to see if its the controller that is the problem? Or do u have another headset to plug into the controller to see if the other headset is the problem?
  5. O Corpo Win User

    Turtle Beach static / not working

    Played fallout 4 all day. No headset on, no problems. Put headset on. Problems.
  6. D J B Nando Win User

    Headset hearing problems

  7. XBF Amber M Win User

    Headset Probleme [Translation - Headset problems]

    Hi Enrico7885,

    Thanks for reaching out to us in the forums with this question. I recommend taking a look at the following troubleshooting articles for assistance with your headset being recognized:

    If the problem persists:

    • Try your headset with another device, such as a laptop, to see if the headset is working. If not, the headset will need to be replaced.
    • Try using a Headset Adapter for compatibility issues.
    • Try your Headset on another controller, if you can. If the headset works on the second controller, try
      updating the first controlleragain. If that fails, the controller will
      need to be replaced. To order a replacement, go to the Xbox Online Service Center.

    Try this out and let us know the results.

    I hope that this helps out.
  8. CalGoo Win User

    Can't chat and can't hear others talking when plugging headset into controller

    Quite a while before actually. It was happening with my first headset, so I thought it was the headset causing problems, then ordered a new headset about a week after the problems started happening, then a week to get the headset, so a while before the post.

Headset problem.

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