Headsets advice please

Discus and support Headsets advice please in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hi i am new to xbox (had my xbox 360 e for just one day) and am Thinking about buying either the XP400 or XP500 Headsets, just a couple of questions... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by CriticalLizard8, May 31, 2014.

  1. Headsets advice please

    Hi i am new to xbox (had my xbox 360 e for just one day) and am Thinking about buying either the XP400 or XP500 Headsets, just a couple of questions are they easy to set up (out of the box) and which are best, i'll be playing driving games more than
    shoot em ups but will be playing them as well..

    Thanks in advance

    CriticalLizard8, May 31, 2014
  2. iTzDuBsOn
    iTzDuBsOn Guest
    Headset Opinions?

    Hey guys,

    Just looking for some headset advice. Im using the $100 MS headset, and need an upgrade. Money really isn't a concern. I would prefer to not spend $500 though.. Any advice is appreciated.
    iTzDuBsOn, May 31, 2014
  3. Grovesy1988
    Grovesy1988 Guest
    Headset Advice

    Hoping for a bit of help from you audiophiles out there.

    First off, I've owned Turtle Beach X42's for the last 11 months. Due to a high pitched screech via voice chat, I've decided to return them as there's only a few days left on the warranty. I loved the headset and I'm really considering a replacement set.

    Then I came across the XP400's and the Tritton Warhead 7.1. I'm torn between the 3. The reason I've narrowed it down to these three in particular is because they all operate on 5.8ghz as opposed to 2.4ghz which is a must for me due to baby monitors, mobile
    phones and wireless routers and laptops.

    I'm sketchy with the non-replaceable battery in the XP400's though it would be nice to not have to buy AAA batteries for the X42's anymore. I've no experience with Tritton, a little put off that they're Madcatz but perhaps they've improved since 15 years ago
    when they were considered a cheap third party brand.

    If anyone has any experience with these headsets I'd really appreciate your feedback.

    Many thanks!
    Grovesy1988, May 31, 2014
  4. sandy the hippy Win User

    Mic doesn’t work

    If following AquarrzSudnnyms advice regarding updating controller, please ensure you have the headset connected to the controller before performing the update
  5. Grovesy1988 Win User

    Headset Advice

    I have considered the A50 but as you say the lack of X1 support is disappointing. This is partially the reason I'm drawn to the XP400 and the X42 as there is a current promotion for a free X1 adapter. Cheers for post Busta.
  6. Bjarne 69 Win User

    Headset advice.

    I own the 500X and i'm really satisfied with the sound quality and the direction of the sound so to say. the only bad thing though is that i have already broken 1 set of 500x. It cracked in the plastic above your ear, hard to explain but i got a new set
    from the store on warranty. but if was in your shoes i would wait a bit for the 800x that should be here in EU in any week now. better designed and full BT compability to your phone.
  7. Busta24 Win User

    Headset Advice

    I went with the Astra A50 and haven't looked back.. Best wireless headset I have owned, though the lac of mic chat support with the Xbox one kinda sucks.

    The A50 has really good wireless, and sound quality is brilliant. I had the Turtle beach and there was always static and high pitched screeching. The only negative is like i said, lack of support for XB1 voice chat.
  8. Mister Cizl Win User

    Advice please

    Hey M1ller2005! Do you get an error message or code when trying to play multiplayer before 10pm? Additionally, is the account you are attempting to play multiplayer with an adult account or a child account? Post back and let us know!

Headsets advice please

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