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    xZERORECOILx Guest


    Need mature players that use a mic & speak English to do heists & general play

    xZERORECOILx, May 11, 2015
  2. Elite Effect
    Elite Effect Guest
    Has anyone made any decent money?

    Yeah, your heist take depends mostly on how you complete it. If you don't pick your crew properly, you're going to short yourself on money. You should also utilize the stock market.

    In my game, Michael & Franklin made 800k & 250k, respectively, on the
    Vangellico heist.

    Elite Effect, May 11, 2015
  3. hail2Dskins
    hail2Dskins Guest
    Patrick McCreary & Heists

    You should say spoilers in the title. I'd be mad if he wasn't already my roll dog. Even on stealth missions, if I pick a gunman who sucks, he dies in some fluke way. I've never been able to keep one of the weaker choices alive. Packie however is unkillable
    now for me.
    hail2Dskins, May 11, 2015
  4. LegendOfGta Win User

    Heist is Coming

    Well, after playing the BETA, whatever R* has planned for Heists won't even come close to the action-packed version in BF: HL. Two teams, one goal: protect/capture the money. Cop team (SWAT, Tactical Police) try to prevent the crooks (dressed in generic
    heist attire) from making a "Three Leaf Clover"-esque escape with the money.

    Snipers, ziplines, flashbangs, assualt rifles w/ red dot sight, detailed interiors and several ways of entry will make GTA: O's heists look like a joke.
  5. Dance CaravanDJ Serv Win User

    What are fast ways to earn a lot of cash in GTA 5?

    Start investing in properties as well, since a number of them are businesses. They'll begin generating money automatically for you. But if you just keep progressing the story, the heists will make you loads of cash.
  6. LEXoMAK Win User

    Mini-Hopes for GTA V - Next Gen

    I stopped playing online due to lack of heists.
  7. FenixFLWO Win User

    Payday 2 Red 'Static'

    No, only Payday 2 is having the problem, and only once a Heist starts. The game's home screen, inventory, etc. all shows fine, this effect only occurs during Heist play.
  8. xCHEMISTx Win User


    [quote user="GeeGee05"] Whatever happened to the heist.... wasn't that the big deal in owning a house... [/quote]

    Good question. I was kind of expecting heists before the capture update. Does anyone even play capture at all?



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