Help. NAT question

Discus and support Help. NAT question in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; I couldnt find a forum on this but my NAT changes from open to moderate usually when i turn off my X1 console. I can fix it by holding the... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by SlayerDeth66, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. SlayerDeth66
    SlayerDeth66 Guest

    Help. NAT question

    I couldnt find a forum on this but my NAT changes from open to moderate usually when i turn off my X1 console. I can fix it by holding the bumpers/triggers during a test. Just wanted to know if its my router. I have a linksys wrt160nv2 all X1 ports are open/enabled
    upnp is enabled and all that good stuff. When it gets bumped to moderate ill get details that say network sits behind a cone NAT or port restricted NAT which confuses me cuz my ports are open. Suggestions?

    SlayerDeth66, Mar 16, 2014
  2. General.Mig
    General.Mig Guest
    Connection lost

    I have a question for you, OP. Did your nat switching help with GTA? Mine is open and I still can't get in populated lobbies. And if I do, I get kicked within seconds.
    General.Mig, Mar 16, 2014
  3. General.Mig
    General.Mig Guest
    Xbox One Connection fix

    Did you try port forwarding? That should help open your NAT.
    General.Mig, Mar 16, 2014
  4. Help. NAT question

    THEOWENKILLER, Mar 16, 2014

    Help. NAT question

  6. {Parity} Win User

    Network settings block party chat (random occurrences)

    What is your NAT Type? You say there is no NAT error but that does not answer the question. This link will help to determine that.
    the NAT issue can cause a lot of issues with party chat and online gaming. Let us know the information.
  7. XxBenniBongoxX Win User

    NAT Question

    On the subject of the patch updates, since xmas i had achieved OPEN NAT with the XBO and GHOSTS simultaneously and consistantly for past months, never any change in settings therefore never any changwe in NAT on XBO or GHOSTS but since the 3GB update/patch
    on the 03/04/14 i can still get OPEN NAT on my BO but never any better than strict on GHOSTS. I started from beginning and cleared/reset router to Factory Defaults and did a power cycle of XBO. So i started ( All of this with a Static or rather reserved IP
    address through router DCHP) with just UPnP alone, I got OPEN NAT on XBONE but MODERATE on GHOSTS, i turned off UPnP and tried port forwarding the port numbers i had always achieved OPEN NAT with provided by Activision and BOX LIVE, so with just Port Forwarding,
    and power cycle, again OPEN NAT on XBONE , MODERATE NAT on GHOSTS !! Thirdly i tried both together , UPnP and Port Forwarding, which was my successful method and had given me OPEN NAT on both XBONE + GHOSTS since Nov/Dec ! Sadly I again got OPEN NAT on the
    XBONE but MODERATE NAT on GHOSTS, which i find the strangest part ! these exact settings had always given me OPEN NAT on both Console + Game, without a problem. But since that patch there is no way and i have tried them all, to get GHOSTS back to open well
    i lie, i'll explain in a mo- Activision insist its nothing to do with them but to me its too big a coincidence. All is well for over 13 weeks, thn minutes after the patch takes hold of the console tha NAT changes from OPEN to MODERATE without any other influencing
    factors. Hmmm :-/

    Now so people trying to do this are informed i will tell the other stuff i tried, absolutely nothing, just plugged it in to a clean slate, power cycled, factory reset router, and of course STRICT XBONE and for some reason only MODERATE NAT on GHOSTS,
    even thought the XBONE was STRICT !! Im not a techie , this is all stuff picked up over the years trying to get my sons XBOX 360 NAT OPEN, i thought i should tell you that in case you think im some lind of tech expert, but i have footered and did this sort
    of thing lomg enough to have an idea what im doing and talking about !

    I tried the last resort, which i have always been advised should be a last resort as it opens up the console to hackers, attackers and Squatters !! :) I put the IP address of the XBONE in the DMZ(De-Militarised Zone) of the router, which opens EVERY PORT
    on the device you put in it, which means it defo should not bu used for pc's etc, anything with sensitive material or things people(hackers) would want ! Now it worked that way, i got OPEN NAT on both XBONE and GHOSTS but has left me feeling exposed, i had
    been warned that DMZ was a last resort etc and believe that was for a reason, while it was in there my UTorrent stopped working so i checked the UPnp box and Port Forwarded the Utorrent port no, it turns out doing DMZ along with other methods meesses its equilibrium
    and it doesnt function correct, so after addind the UPnP and Port Forw. i went to STRICT NAT on my BONE and STRICT NAT on GHOSTS.Needless to say i changed it. now im really wanting to just leave mi XBONES IP in the DMZ as it oipens NAT on GHOSTS and XBONE,
    with UPnP for UTORRENT which works as i tried that last !!, I made a back up of the router settings and have them in case i go back to itbe cause i really want the OPEN NAT on both GHOSTS and BONE, perhaps someone with more knowledge or tech savvie can advise
    how dangerous it actually is to use DMZ or advise why i get OPEN NAT on my XBONE but MODERATE NAT on GHOSTS (also OPEN NAT on other game and Find matches, head to head and lobbys very easily in FIFA14) As it stands i have reverted back to UPnP and Port Forwarding
    wshich gets me OPEN NAT on XBONE and other games but MODERATE NAT on GHOSTS, If i find a defo answer about why DMZ is safe i will use it to achieve the desired OPEN NAT on both XBONE and GHOSTS !!

    SO..... XBOX, any news on this ?? Any contact from Inferior Ward, sorry, sorry, Infinity Ward or Activision about causes- ("It wasnt me") Fixes- ("We will have a look but as we dont think it was any of the software in our patch, we really cant seem
    to think of a fix in the near future, give us some time to have a look at it ok ? Thats great, Cheers ") Mibbe you could mention that ALL was FINE with 90% peoples NAT etc before the patch and now maybe 9% have a working OPEN NAT etc, even PC repair men,
    Reworkers, Programmers at my college and even Electrical engineers i know at IBM are havin trouble with this ! (Obviously on their off time ! )
  8. Miss Bijoux Win User

    NAT Question

    Hey Mr SpinelesS -

    Sorry to hear about the frustrations. It sounds like you've already taken the best possible steps towards optimizing your NAT. You would need to work with the ISP to see if they would be willing to open up the

    Ports for Xbox One
    . We cannot guarantee that that would resolve your issue, however.

    Let us know how it goes!
  9. Malacath Win User

    NAT Question

    The latest patch for COD Ghosts seems to have broken the NAT somehow.

    Before the update you could get an open NAT by forwarding port 3075.

    But now it's impossible.

    I'm seriously fed up with the xbox ones network issues.

    First of all there is the fact that the xbox ones UPnP support is broken. It's not fully compatible with most brands of router.

    And it also alienates a large portion of the UK population by not being compatible with the BT Homehubs 4's and 5's

    And to make matter worse the last update for GHosts has made it impossible to get an open NAT in that game.

    Either the patch changed what port is required for the game or the game is just broken.

Help. NAT question

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