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Discus and support Home Xbox in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; I can’t make my Xbox my home xbox, help please c0a76c5b-0988-4787-b598-74978c2b6e98 Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by Kelvin ????????‍♂️, Oct 16, 2018.

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    I can’t make my Xbox my home xbox, help please

    Kelvin ????????‍♂️, Oct 16, 2018
  2. BoomWuk
    BoomWuk Guest
    Xbox One Online Subscription Sharing

    On his Xbox my GT is set up already as My Home Xbox, and his GT is already set up as My Home Xbox on my Xbox...
    BoomWuk, Oct 16, 2018
  3. sparty2304
    sparty2304 Guest
    Another Game Sharing Question

    Not sure I understand but here is the low down...
    Your xbox should be his HOME xbox
    His xbox should be your HOME xbox.

    Anything you guy under your GT YOU will own...even though you xbox is his home xbox....

    To be even clearer.....

    YOU log into HIS xbox go to settings and make it your HOME xbox
    HE logs into YOUR xbox go to settings and make it his HOME xbox

    sparty2304, Oct 16, 2018
  4. Home Xbox


    Sorry to hear about your issue. Here are the steps to set you Xbox as the home Xbox.

    Designate an Xbox One console as your home Xbox

    Note You can designate only one console as your home Xbox.

    1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
    2. Select System > Settings > Personalization, and then select My home Xbox.
    3. Review the information, and then do one of the following:
      • Select Make this my home Xbox to designate the console as your home Xbox.
      • Select This is not my home Xbox to remove the designation.

    If you have tried these steps and they have not worked, go here, Contact Us | Xbox Support. Click on Xbox, then click No Thanks for the online chat. Then click on games and then choose receive a call.

    Please keep us updated on your progress.

    Thank you,
    ChrisCalvin71, Oct 16, 2018
  5. XBF Crystal P, Nov 5, 2018
  6. oOViizion Win User

    Home Xbox

    When I try to change my account to home Xbox it says "you can have one home Xbox at a time" does this mean somebody is using my account. Please help it is really annoying because my Xbox live membership isn't working properly.
  7. Smwutches Win User

    Xbox home

  8. gds1972 Win User

    Home Xbox

    If you also have an Xbox One just log into that console and set it as your home console. As well as doing this it would probably also be wise to change your account password.
  9. ngocphi Win User

    Xbox Home

    No he need to put his profile on your console then do the home console switch

    However since he already did it 3times he's going to have to wait a year

    Or you can have him try support but they aren't obligated to do so
  10. JawdMac Win User

    Home Xbox

    Then why bother giving you the option in the first place, never mind three times.

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