How Do I Cancel?

Discus and support How Do I Cancel? in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; I read the following help information but do not see the "Cancel automatic payment" anywhere. Why not? Cancel your Xbox Live Gold (paid) membership... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by jlincoln1971, Jun 7, 2014.

  1. jlincoln1971
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    How Do I Cancel?

    I read the following help information but do not see the "Cancel automatic payment" anywhere. Why not?

    Cancel your Xbox Live Gold (paid) membership

    Cancel automatic payment

    To cancel your membership at the end of the current term, turn off auto renewal by following these steps. With automatic renewal turned off, your membership will expire at the end of its term.

    Sign in to the Xbox Live website by using your Microsoft account.

    Note Make sure that you sign in using the Microsoft account associated with the Xbox Live account that you want to manage. If you don’t know the Microsoft account email or password, see Find your Microsoft account.

    Once you’ve signed in, click My Account.

    Click Subscriptions.

    If you’re not on a trusted device, you’ll be prompted to choose an existing proof, either your email or a phone number, so we can send you a security code. The code is sent to either your email address or mobile phone.

    After you receive the security code, click Next.

    Enter the code that you received, and then click Submit.

    Locate the subscription for which you want to change your auto renewing payment status.

    Click Cancel automatic payment.

    Click Continue.

    Thank you

    jlincoln1971, Jun 7, 2014
  2. silvercue
    silvercue Guest
    How do I switch to Bass?

    It could be fun too. :thumbsup:
    silvercue, Jun 7, 2014
  3. How do I

    Send a link and a description of the clip in your fileshare from to "*** Die E-Mail-Adresse wurde aus Datenschutzgründen entfernt. ***", without the quotation brakets. Be warned tho they're running through their backlog of fails and they're only on October of last year. Don't expect your clip to
    be shown anytime soon.
    iEnema By Pope, Jun 7, 2014
  4. How Do I Cancel?

    Hey there Jlincoln1971 How Do I Cancel? :)

    There actually are some pages that cover these issues in great depth.

    How to turn off auto renewal or cancel your membership immediately

    I hope this helps.

    Many thanks,

    Mark Sherwood, Jun 8, 2014
  5. MisterFizzle Win User

    how do i ....

    Hey allegretto,

    It looks like you were able to get things sorted out.

    Please let us know if you have any other Xbox Support questions. Happy Gaming!
  6. allegretto2500 Win User

    how do i ....

    a lot of video content I purchased via the 360. when I went to view some of them on the one I discovered a lot of that content cannot be found in the xbox one video store. all content was purchased in the main Microsoft video marketplace. specifically the
    james bond movie For Your Eyes only, The premiere episode of Star Trek Voyager and a lot of Babylon 5 videos are either missing or no longer say that I own them.
  7. Tayradactyl Win User

    How do i?

    Lol at the first video. 2 level 55s with Ghost against a lobby where the highest on the enemy team is a level 8? What's so good about this? Can someone tell me? It's like me uploading a video of me beating my 6 year old brother in a 1v1 and me going 100/3
    while he went 3/104. No skill whatsoever. The second video is more about luck and drop shotting to get the drop (no pun intended) on the enemy.
  8. Ramon284 Win User

    How do i?

    By becoming a better player.

    Rhethorical questions for the win.

    how do i

    Much truth to that, but you weren`t one of them.

How Do I Cancel?

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