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Discus and support for the ps4 in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; When i went to make myself an minecraft account on my ps4 i went to the site As soon i went there the "enter a code"... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by DaddyIongIegs, Apr 8, 2021 at 7:22 PM.

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    When i went to make myself an minecraft account on my ps4 i went to the site As soon i went there the "enter a code" popped up and i couldn't to anything about it, I can't even reset the site, so can somebody help me with that? PS: i don't have a neccesary category to report this problem to or im just not smart enough üut i selected the closest category for this problem.

    DaddyIongIegs, Apr 8, 2021 at 7:22 PM
  2. francescopalosti Win User


    Ciao a tutti

    Ho problemi con l accesso

    Dopo essere andato nel sito ho messo il codice datomi da minecraft su ps4 poi la email ecc..

    Il sito ha riferito che l accesso era corretto e potevo chiudere la finestra Dopo essere ritornato sulla ps4 mi da problema dell'accesso dicendo l accesso e fallito si è verificato un errore durante la connessione al tuo account microsoft.

    Qualcuno mi sa dire come risolvere grazie non so cosa fare poi non mi fa fare niente


    [Translation-Hello everyone

    I'm having trouble signing in

    After going to the site I put the code given to me by minecraft
    on ps4 then email etc.

    The site reported that the login was correct and I could close the window After returning to the ps4 by having access problem saying login and failed an error occurred while connecting to your microsoft account.

    Someone can tell me how to solve thanks I do not know what to do then it does not make me do anything

  3. KayeHorton1 Win User

    PS4 remote connect

    I'm having the same issue, the website it says to visit is

    The wording on the screen message is:

    Signing in to a Microsoft Account will permanently associate it with your current account on "PlayStation Network".

    If you're already using an existing Microsoft Account to access Minecraft on another device, you may with to use that account. You can only do this once per account on "PlayStation Network", so please choose your Microsoft Account carefully.

    Visit this website on another device:

    And enter this code: ********
  4. shootemupnick Win User

    Can't play with my friends on Minecraft and can't access servers on Minecraft.

    I would try uninstalling Minecraft and trying to relink it. Also, did you link by going to and entering the 8 digit code?
  5. #lanciano.carole) Win User


    je ne trouve pas le site pour le jeu minecraft sur la switch. Comment faire?
  6. TITAN Regiis Win User ps4


    I suggest checking your settings. If you are a minor and do not have access to the control setting, please speak with your parents to make the changes.

    Your changes should be made in the Privacy / Security area at the top of your screen in your MS account
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