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    dop zxas, Jul 31, 2020
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  2. ArminatorX Win User

    brute force IPv6

    It depends on the capabilities of your router, but if it is able to connect to an IPv6 Tunnel Broker, you can simply sign up for free at
    Hurricate Electric's Tunnel Broker for free, or at for a one time fee.

    This will then tunnel IPv6 traffic through IPv4 to your home, and enable you to use IPv6 properly.

    But again: your router has to have built in support for such tunnel brokers!
  3. Arminator Win User

    BT Home Hub BT Home Hub 3: Internet

    Check if your Internet Provider and router support IPv6.

    In case your internet provider can't give you IPv6 support, you might try to get a 6in4 tunnel through a tunnel broker (Wikipedia List of IPv6 Tunnel Brokers

    Be aware however, that your router HAS TO support IPv6, and has to have the ability to establish a connection to a IPv6 Tunnel broker!
  4. RacoonPete Win User

    Overlord - best DLC?

    I liked Shadow Broker better, and the Shadow Broker lair is a cool place to check things out. I'm hoping it comes into play in ME3.
  5. Lei Fang DOAX3 Win User

    Best DLC of the Trilogy

    Lair of the Shadow Broker :)
  6. LegendOfGta Win User

    Liberty City RPG -- NOW OPEN

    One more thing: did you know the game thinks of Dukes/Broker and Bohan as one? This is evidenced in-game and when you select the location, it spawns weapons in Bohan and Dukes/Broker.

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