I have a problem with my Xbox one

Discus and support I have a problem with my Xbox one in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; My Xbox controller will disconnect at random times so today I got a new one but when I connected it the controller would disconnect randomly like my... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Soft_Crow_184, Jun 22, 2022.

  1. I have a problem with my Xbox one

    My Xbox controller will disconnect at random times so today I got a new one but when I connected it the controller would disconnect randomly like my other one, restarted the Xbox unpaired my last controller and it will still blink does anyone have a fix for this?

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    /u/Soft_Crow_184, Jun 22, 2022
  2. BluSwirl Win User


    As for the chat pad, I won't be getting it now. Microsoft allows us to purchase custom designed/colour (commonwealth English aka UK, NZ, Australia) or color (American slang XD) controllers. Or you can get paint from a hardware store and just paint the thing.
    If you live in NZ/Australia/UK you should really be spelling it colour XD. I tend not to be formal on this site since it is a social media site. So I will invent a new way of spelling it, karlar. It's got a squiggly line under it. But this forum is run by
    an American spell checker.
    If I were the *paranoid* type, I could've sworn (oo-er!) that you were having a poke at me, as regards the Americanization of certain words. Doesn't matter if you're running your life through spellcheck or if you're just making shiz up. Have you ever stopped
    to think that a person's education or upbringing might've contributed to their social stance; or that a person holding dual citizenship might just view the world through a different prism? At any rate, whether or not spellcheck defines your life, these message
    boards are presumably hosted on American servers (ie, the address bar is showing "en-US/"), so therefore all chat is global - or globalized.

    As regards your claim that Microsoft allows custom color controllers - that may be true for some regions, but last time I checked it wasn't an option in AU or NZ. And I would strongly advise against simply dunking your controller in Dulux (unless you know
    the ins-and-outs of properly modding a peripheral, which entails taking things apart before overhauling the chassis). Just a thought :p
  3. Zen Like Calm Win User


    This forum doesn't have a built in spell checker, so you may wish to check the one that is likely built into your browser is using the correct language settings.
  4. smileskybird Win User


    I do have a Microsoft 900 Wireless keyboard and mouse (comes with wireless encryption according to Microsoft). I use it for my custom high end desktop PC. I prefer no wires as they tie you down and don't give you the freedom that wireless does. I remember
    this big poster of a dog on a leash and dog without a leash from Vodafone NZ which was posted on a building in my city CBD. It was hard to miss. And wires can be a tripping hazard too. Especially from your sitting area to your TV. But both wired and wireless,
    have there pros and cons. I also have a wireless turtle beach 500x Dolby 7.1 headset which is compatible with Xbox 360 and Xbox One (chat and game sound). The only difference is I need to hook up a removable chat cable between the headset and your 360 controller,
    to chat (which turtle beach game me the chat cable, for free). I just know who will probably come on this thread and mention why did I not quote you know what. Maybe I should quote the specs for Xbox One's Kinect since I have one and never quoted the specs
    for Kinect. Just a passive 1080p thingy. I've quoted the specs to Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X. A lot of people were quoting the specs when Xbox One came out, as a lot of people were going on why Xbox was using DDR3 when GDDR5 is better for gaming. Even
    Xbox 360 uses GDDR3. And the UI on 360 performs very fluid.

    However specs is not all that matters to me, though it helps in performance. It's about features too. And back in 2010, it was Xbox 360 that won in terms of features. Most people on social media recommended me with Xbox and that's what I chose. I also joined
    because I got fed up of The Sims 3 crashing on my more than capable laptop. With Xbox, there's no system requirements thingy that PC has. I did take up again PC gaming mid last year, for Planet Coaster and The Sims 4 since those games are not on console and
    I really like them. That was when I got my flash first custom PC. I Got a PC for 2-5 games? Yes because I love Planet Coaster and The Sims 4. But I don't love the frame rate which all average laptops provide. Party Chat (which the competition at the time did
    not have, not to be confused with Game Chat, Party Chat lets you chat with up to 8 (on 360) people while those people can be playing different games/apps on there console and still have a chat). It has voice messaging, picture messaging which isn't really
    used much (I remember a friend who I deleted sending me a picture of himself poking out his tongue to see what colour his food had left on his tongue). And it has a great variety of peeps on XBL too.

    I will try hooking up my keyboard and mouse tomorrow and see if it works. I'll do it before I leave in the morning. If it doesn't work, trade me nz has one going for NZ$23 and it's an official Xbox One chat pad. As for the price I paid for my Microsoft 900,
    it was NZ$59.95. Which could be more than what Microsoft is charging for the Xbox chat pad. But I decided to go for kind of the more premium keyboard options for my PC. I like the keys on the 900 keyboard, they're not big clunky keys. They're the same type
    of keys used on my laptop too. And no, I won't re-quote the specs to that. Not this time.

    I'll actually try hooking up my keyboard now since it's 8:23 pm.
  5. BluSwirl Win User


    "But chatpads definitely do have there [sic] convenience rather than using the arrows and buttons and malakae (yes, I invented a new word) on the controller..."

    No, the word you're looking for is "malarkey". You misspelled it (ditto for "their"). It means nonsense. Another nonsensical thread - or should be that non-thread? Zen Like Calm hit the nail on the head. Chatpads are all but redundant when you can simply
    jack in a keyboard and type to your heart's content. I thoroughly recommend the 'Microsoft 600 Wired' - I have three of them and they're all color correct with my white One S.
  6. Smwutches Win User

    I have a problem with my xbox one s


I have a problem with my Xbox one

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