Issues with Xbox Audio, third party video apps and Samsung Q90r Soundbar

Discus and support Issues with Xbox Audio, third party video apps and Samsung Q90r Soundbar in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; I've been asked to post this here by someone on Twitter so would be great to get an opinion. I have my Xbox plugged in to my Q90r (7.2.4 soundbar with... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Bobbaford, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Issues with Xbox Audio, third party video apps and Samsung Q90r Soundbar

    I've been asked to post this here by someone on Twitter so would be great to get an opinion. I have my Xbox plugged in to my Q90r (7.2.4 soundbar with rears) using hdmi. When the Xbox is set to 5.1 uncompressed audio, 5.1 content from the likes of Netflix and Prime Video is presented properly using the three front speakers on the soundbar and 2 rears. However, when I select bitstream out and Dolby Atmos bitstream format, the rears are not used anymore for the same 5.1 content from the third party apps and the surround audio is presented by the side speakers on the soundbar. For Atmos content on Netflix, the same seems to happen and again, the rear surround speakers are not used properly. This is a greater annoyance because it should work as as an appropriate Atmos source to make the most of my Atmos compatible hardware and is the thing I'm trying to get to the bottom of. Gaming (Gears 5 and Tomb raider), Dolby Access demos and UHD discs utilise the Atmos set up perfectly. I can mitigate the 5.1 content issue by just using Netflix on my TV as that works properly so not a priority, albeit still annoying that I now can't use my Xbox as the media hub. Netflix have said it's down to the Xbox. Samsung have said it's not their issue either as the other sources are working properly and therefore processing the output from the Xbox correctly... What are your thoughts?

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    /u/Bobbaford, Oct 1, 2019
  2. JAWA78 Win User

    Xbox One X 4k & HDR not working through Soundbar with pass-thru

    Ok... wow after a few frustrating hours I have it.

    First. Im running

    Q80R tv

    Q90R soundbar

    Xbox one X


    Xbox hdmi out into soundbar hdmi 1

    Soundbar hdmi arc to tv hdmi arc


    Soundbar set to hdmi 1

    Xbox - video settings

    - most video mode check boxes on

    - res = 4k

    - fidelity and overides are default

    - pretty much all green ticks in 4k tv details

    Xbox - audio settings

    - hdmi audio = bitstream out

    - bitsream format = Dolby atmos


    - source = soundbar

    * note that in sound settings, expert settings the output says PCM but no need to pay attention since the source is the Xbox, nothing going from tv. If u flick to to a tv app like Netflix running on tv then it will change to atmos and send atmos to the
    soundbar from tv.

    Things I got wrong :)

    - firmware latest on soundbar. I read a few posts about pass through not working on old firmware.

    - the hdmi cable I was using for arc wasnt v1.4 cable. Seems that makes a difference... i had a v1.3 and nothing. A v1.4 comes with the q90r soundbar, use it for the arc connection.

    Finally... how do I know it works.... I downloaded atmos test .mp4 from the Dolby website onto usb played on Xbox. No doubt... very happy :)
  3. atmos_frustrated Win User

    Dolby Atmos keeps turning off and resetting on Xbox One X

    Recently acquired the Samsung-Q90R soundbar supporting Atmos. Have everything set up, but as soon as I select Atmos as the encoding on my Xbox, no sound at all. Works fine with Dolby Digital and DTS. Never had a working setup before this update, but I can't
    get Atmos to play any sound at all.

    Wondering if I have to take the Q90R back... it sounds great even without the Atmos, but this is supremely frustrating.
  4. Grandad G Win User

    No digital via HDMI ARC

    [quote user="iiiNeURoTiC"]

    Hi All,

    I get Digital Audio via my Opitcal to Px4 headset, however using HDMI I can only get stereo?

    Setup is as follows.

    Xbox One -> HDMI -> Samsung TV ARC -> HDMI -> Samsung Soundbar

    Anyone have any tips on how to get this working? or should this work at all?

    This doesn't look right to me (i could be wrong) Xbox One -> HDMI -> Samsung TV ARC -> HDMI -> Samsung Soundbar
    Should be....
    Xbox One -> HDMI -> Samsung Soundbar (must be a ARC compatible soundbar with the correct HDMI sockets in/out) -> HDMI -> Samsung TV ARC / Headset optical -> Samsung Soundbar change setting on xbox
  5. ArminatorX Win User

    ATMOS on most recent Xbox One X

    First of all:

    While you DO need the Atmos App, you do NOT need to buy it, unless you want to use the Atmos for Headphones feature.

    With your Atmos soundbar, you already paid the Dolby Atmos licensing fee, and the free App is sufficient to play Atmos sound via your soundbar.


    Getting sound through your TV and the soundbar depends on a lot of factors. Including on how you connect console, TV and soundbar together.

    The trouble is, that some TV's don't support Dolby Atmos via their ARC (Audio Return Channel), so if you connect the console to the TV, the TV can't send Atmos sound coming from the HDMI input from the console to the soundbar. So also check if your TV's
    ARC is capable to support Dolby Atmos.

    Alternatively some soundbars allow you to plug your console into the soundbar, and the soundbar forwards the video to the TV. That way you would probably get Atmos sound, but some Soundbars are unable to forward 4K HDR video to the TV.

    So if bad comes to worse, you might have to exchange your TV as well as the soundbar. So please check with Samsung if both your TV and soundbar are REALLY capable of what you expect (i.e. 4K video as well as Atmos pass through).
  6. Maz Diabel Win User

    Why does Xbox not support CEC / ARC.. ??? If I had known I had never bought the xbox x

    If your receiver supports hdcp 2.2 (which almost any new reciever on the market does) it will pass through 4k content with out down grading it. Arc is very finicky in the first place and not even the TV manufactures have perfected it. That's why a lot
    of tv sales man and woman will still recommend digital optical audio out. But on the flip side. I have personally hooked up a xbox one x to a samsung q8fnb ran arc out to a samsung n850 Dolby atmos soundbar and had the audio pass through to the soundbar with
    out any issues.

Issues with Xbox Audio, third party video apps and Samsung Q90r Soundbar

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