Issues with Xbox Audio, third party video apps and Samsung Q90r Soundbar

Discus and support Issues with Xbox Audio, third party video apps and Samsung Q90r Soundbar in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; I've been asked to post this here by someone on Twitter so would be great to get an opinion. I have my Xbox plugged in to my Q90r (7.2.4 soundbar with... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/Bobbaford, Oct 1, 2019.

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    Issues with Xbox Audio, third party video apps and Samsung Q90r Soundbar

    I've been asked to post this here by someone on Twitter so would be great to get an opinion. I have my Xbox plugged in to my Q90r (7.2.4 soundbar with rears) using hdmi. When the Xbox is set to 5.1 uncompressed audio, 5.1 content from the likes of Netflix and Prime Video is presented properly using the three front speakers on the soundbar and 2 rears. However, when I select bitstream out and Dolby Atmos bitstream format, the rears are not used anymore for the same 5.1 content from the third party apps and the surround audio is presented by the side speakers on the soundbar. For Atmos content on Netflix, the same seems to happen and again, the rear surround speakers are not used properly. This is a greater annoyance because it should work as as an appropriate Atmos source to make the most of my Atmos compatible hardware and is the thing I'm trying to get to the bottom of. Gaming (Gears 5 and Tomb raider), Dolby Access demos and UHD discs utilise the Atmos set up perfectly. I can mitigate the 5.1 content issue by just using Netflix on my TV as that works properly so not a priority, albeit still annoying that I now can't use my Xbox as the media hub. Netflix have said it's down to the Xbox. Samsung have said it's not their issue either as the other sources are working properly and therefore processing the output from the Xbox correctly... What are your thoughts?

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    /u/Bobbaford, Oct 1, 2019
  2. Grandad G Win User

    No digital via HDMI ARC

    [quote user="iiiNeURoTiC"]

    Hi All,

    I get Digital Audio via my Opitcal to Px4 headset, however using HDMI I can only get stereo?

    Setup is as follows.

    Xbox One -> HDMI -> Samsung TV ARC -> HDMI -> Samsung Soundbar

    Anyone have any tips on how to get this working? or should this work at all?

    This doesn't look right to me (i could be wrong) Xbox One -> HDMI -> Samsung TV ARC -> HDMI -> Samsung Soundbar
    Should be....
    Xbox One -> HDMI -> Samsung Soundbar (must be a ARC compatible soundbar with the correct HDMI sockets in/out) -> HDMI -> Samsung TV ARC / Headset optical -> Samsung Soundbar change setting on xbox
  3. Maz Diabel Win User

    Why does Xbox not support CEC / ARC.. ??? If I had known I had never bought the xbox x

    If your receiver supports hdcp 2.2 (which almost any new reciever on the market does) it will pass through 4k content with out down grading it. Arc is very finicky in the first place and not even the TV manufactures have perfected it. That's why a lot
    of tv sales man and woman will still recommend digital optical audio out. But on the flip side. I have personally hooked up a xbox one x to a samsung q8fnb ran arc out to a samsung n850 Dolby atmos soundbar and had the audio pass through to the soundbar with
    out any issues.
  4. RidhwanLatif Win User

    Xbox One connecting to Sound Bar, Volume Control?

    Have u tried input your samsung soundbar brand and type in setting>TV and guide>Devices>audio receiver
  5. Thundercleetz Win User

    Xbox One no longer turns off my audio receiver after Feb. 2014 update

    Mia, this is a different issue than the tv not powering on. This is some sort of software issue that is causing the Kinect not to send a power IR signal to Samsung soundbars specifically. Recalibration will not work because Kinect is simply not sending a
    signal to these Samsung soundbars.
  6. Zappa616 Win User

    No ATMOS sound output with Samsung HW-K850 and Xbox One X


    I just received my XBOX One X yesterday and attempted to set it up with my Samsung HW-K850 soundbar, which supports Dolby ATMOS. The XBOX is connected to the soundbar via HDMI (I've tried both inputs) and the soundbar connects to my Samsung KU6290 4K TV
    via the only HDMI output from the soundbar.

    For the audio settings on the Xbox, I selected "Bitstream" (HDMI) and then attempted to select the Dolby ATMOS for home theater option. I was prompted to download the Dolby atmos app, which I did. After launching the app, it basically directed me to to the
    same thing I had just attempted to do - except this time, when selecting 'Dolby ATMOS for home theater', I got an error code: 0x80bd0009, saying something to the effect of, "There was a problem enabling that setting... Make sure your system supports it...".
    The setting will nevertheless "stick" if I exit the audio setup screen and come back; it shows ATMOS selected - But there is NO sound output at all.

    I've tried everything I can think of; moving the HDMI output from the XBOX to 1 or 2 HDMI IN on the Samsung soundbar; changing HDMI cables from the xbox-supplied cable (all are high quality, 2.0 version cables); tinkering with the sound output options on
    the soundbar itself (surround on/off, etc); tried updating firmware on the soundbar (it was up to date); tried powering off/on the soundbar; unplugging the power from the soundbar and waiting 15 min; restarting the xbox; tried reinstalling the Dolby app. Nothing

    All this being said, I am able to select the DTS option instead of ATMOS and get sound output - but I really want ATMOS :)

    I would think this is some sort of xbox/soundbar communication issue via HDMI, where they're not agreeing on what sound format is acceptable. Any ideas?

    Thank you so much!

    Hi Ryan

    The only thing you haven't mentioned is the HDMI output you are using from your TV to the sound bar. You need to be using the ARC (usually) HDMI 2 from your TV to the ARC input on the sound bar. Your XBOX should plug into one of the other HDMI TV inputs
    on the TV so then your TV should operate as a passthrough for the ATMOS audio. Whilst the audio certainly sounds a lot better it is hard to know if ATMOS is actually working as a blue light is meant to show on the sound bar when its activated which is doesn't.
    The audio improvement could just be the uncompressed bitstream provided from the XBOX.

    Speaking with Samsung support yesterday as I was wanting to setup my LG C7 to play ATMOS via the built in Netflix App but NO why would they want that to be possible. After several frustrating hours trying to find how to get that to work I called Samsung
    and got that answer. I had not asked them about the XBOX as I had not gone down this route before calling them.

    I will be returning to the retailer today to have this conversation as they never mentioned the LG & Samsung units will not allow ATMOS to work.

    Samsung support has no information on an update to resolve this but did say they had received several calls about it.

Issues with Xbox Audio, third party video apps and Samsung Q90r Soundbar

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