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    Join the Alpha Skip-Ahead Preview Ring!

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  2. Arminator Win User

    What requirements i should have to joing in Alpha Ring after many Months Activity in Beta Ring?


    i am from Germany ....

    Now i want to join Alpha Ring, but Microsoft Support tells me, the only way i can join Alpha Ring ist via Invite from another People in the Alpha Ring.

    But i dont know anyone in Alpha Ring.

    What can i do to join Alpha Ring in XBOX Insider Hub?
    Greetings from Germany as well.

    Previously, before there were rings, you had to be invited by someone already in the "Xbox Preview Program" as it was called back then.

    This was then changed to the Xbox Insider Program, and anyone was able to join by installing the Xbox Insider App, and anyone is allowed to choose a ring up to Beta.

    Alpha and Alpha Skip Ahead are only available by invitation from someone at Microsoft, and only if new free slots are available.

    You will have to "earn" the privilege to be considered by providing regular and quality feedback, and hope that there are Alpha/Skip Ahead members that provided less feedback, and are removed from the Alpha/Skip Ahead rings.

    So the only thing we can suggest is to be patient, and to continue participating in the available activities, and wait for the invitation.
  3. StuartATrueRed Win User

    Xbox alpha

    Hi, Download the Xbox Insider hub app from the Microsoft store, Launch the app, On the main landing page, select Insider content. Under System, select Xbox One Update Preview. Select Join or Manage. Choose a Preview ring from the available selections.
    Alpha/Alpha skip ahead may be greyed out, as those rings are invite only.
  4. FreeAndSay Win User

    Game Pass

    If you're in preview alpha or alpha skip ahead, search for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and you should be able to join.
  5. Njal the Blue Win User

    When does the xbox one x get the avatar editor update?

    Hi, I tried to private message you but it didn't work.

    You have to be in the insider preview to download the avatar beta app. It works on the original Xbox One, the Xbox One S and Xbox One X. It is not rolled out by console model but by which Insider Preview ring you are in. It has now been rolled out to all

    Insider Preview has Alpha Skip Ahead, Alpha, Beta, Delta and Omega rings. Alpha Skip Ahead and Alpha are invite only from the development team. You can use any Xbox One family of console in any of the rings.
  6. napalm 31337 Win User

    A small system update being released to everyone today

    I'm in the Preview Program and in Alpha Skip Ahead Ring, I'm testing several 1910 builds but at the moment no new UI for me.

Join the Alpha Skip-Ahead Preview Ring!

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