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Discus and support Jtag Modder in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Here's a bag *** I stumbled upon this morning. I'm just adding him to this list for actually believing that the can't get banned for modding his xbox.... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by Lone Wolfie, Mar 16, 2014.

  1. Lone Wolfie
    Lone Wolfie Guest

    Jtag Modder

    Here's a bag *** I stumbled upon this morning.

    I'm just adding him to this list for actually believing that the can't get banned for modding his xbox.

    His real gamertag is in the beginning of the video.

    Feel free to report, as he is just ruining another fine game!

    Lone Wolfie, Mar 16, 2014
  2. Xbox LIVE Jtag Players

    Today i called Support Microsoft reporting 2 players using Jtag online, Microsoft told me to put the names on the forum.

    Gamertag Players modder :

    [Mod Removed]

    Pleas I ask you to do some Survey.

    -Leonardo Team Ambassador.
    XxPr0GamerXHacK, Mar 16, 2014
  3. OMG - what happened to COD!

    besides the cheaters (hackers/jtags,lag switchers and boosters) the games playable i fairly enjoyed the campaign multiplayer is broken currently though Jtag Modder :( >if your wondering i found out most hacks from ghosts work in AW because its using ghosts base coding
    structure ya they work with a minor tweak ive been spying chatter over on [Mod Removed] (modder community) and the information is credible !!
    brianpomerleau, Mar 16, 2014
  4. voteDC Win User

    CoD Hacks! :@

    The problem with these hacks The Games Guild is that they are started on jtagged 360s.

    Now jtags rarely last more than a few hours on Live before they are banned, however by transplanting a new console ID they can effectively be unbanned.

    Microsoft are doing the best they can, after all the Slim 360 can't be jtagged, but there is sadly not much they can do to the existing ones except keep banning them and hoping that the modders get tired of it.
  5. LegendOfGta Win User

    Hackers and Unfriendly Players

    @dtejedor, what are you on about this time, bro? Hotswapping lessens the chances of a modder getting caught. I'm lying? Really? I've thoroughly researched this because always wondered how modders did this. You can learn from just about any modding website
    out there, so STOP SAYING I'M LYING! I can't discuss nor will I discuss modding any further. There is a special program that hotswap modders use on their computers to STEALTH PATCH their modded discs. This almost guarantees that they can't be caught, hence
    why I said "it is virtually impossible to get caught" because it really is unless you are one of those abusive modders or if a M$ moderator is in the game with you while you are modding.


    And about your little "Max Payne 3" excuse. Rockstar looks for FLASHED and/or JTAGGED Xboxes. If a modder hotswaps, it is much harder to detect because of the stealthing program used on the disc. Flashed Xboxes uses a modchip, which can now be more easily
    detected by M$. JTAGGED Xboxes are similar, except M$ is quite aware of a JTAG, and will ban a person using 90% of the time.


  6. A Remington 870 Win User

    I can't play COD 4

    you can get into a match, people are still playing, but a lot of them are modders with infections and/or JTAGs.

    if you get into one of those lobbies, dashboard. if you want to play, be prepared to dashboard atleast every 3 matches...
  7. UnyoBro Win User

    Don't just ban fix the PROBLEM!!

    MW2 was not fine, at all. I stopped playing it before the sequel came out and I ran into Jtags and modders frequently enough to make me give up and sell it. It also made me decide to never buy a COD again. Both developers are bad and couldn't care less about
    customer satisfaction.
  8. Toad 004 Win User


    They broke the terms of use to modify their games/gamertag. And they do far worse things that make thier name all pretty, they cheat and ruin games for everyone else. The term "JTAG" is just something modders made up to sound cool. They're not.


    Report "those guys" for systems tampering. The penalty for which is permanent suspension.

Jtag Modder

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