Kinect Replacement !!!!

Discus and support Kinect Replacement !!!! in XBoX Sales and Promo to solve the problem; Contacted XBOX support on 2/8/14. Said to do an advance exchange and paid $158.98 email said it would be shipped out on 2/11/14 have not heard nothing... Discussion in 'XBoX Sales and Promo' started by SSG KD4POP, Feb 16, 2014.

    SSG KD4POP Guest

    Kinect Replacement !!!!

    Contacted XBOX support on 2/8/14. Said to do an advance exchange and paid $158.98 email said it would be shipped out on 2/11/14 have not heard nothing ,called back said they would have to send it to there tier 3 support by email. We canot contact them buy
    phone only email. Really can't call them that is crazy. So I have waited 4 days for there support team to call me and I have not heard from them Now it's 2/16/14 no response. They said One reason I have not received it is because of the bad weather. hummm
    Texas to Florida naaa. Then they said they didn't have any. Come on every time I call I get a different reason. aslo I could not sign up for extended warranty. They want there money but don't want to do any thing about it. I cannot believe they can't call
    there tier 3 group on the phone Really.

    SSG KD4POP, Feb 16, 2014
  2. Z31Fanatic
    Z31Fanatic Guest
    Please remove the Kinect requirement from Upload Studio!

    Why don't you send in your broken kinect for replacement?
    Z31Fanatic, Feb 16, 2014
  3. Clayshin
    Clayshin Guest
    Xbox One Kinect Unplugged

    Same problem in Italy, Kinect dead. I'm waiting for replacement.
    Clayshin, Feb 16, 2014
  4. Hassan Singer Win User

    will xbox one have the same problems like xbox 360 red rings?

    or they can just replace the kinect for you, you do not need to replace the whole console
  5. SillyCar88993 Win User

    KINECT.....Accessory or Boondonggle !?

    Kinect will never replace the controller.
  6. BobMcFly247 Win User

    Console & Kinect Issues

    This is a socalled "reboot loop problem" with the kinect and can only be fixed by replacing the kinect. That already 2 times by myself.
  7. I Dashboard It Win User

    Xbox 360 and Skype?

    Actually, I'm pretty sure they will eventually replace Video Kinect with Skype. Since with Video Kinect you can video chat with someone who's using their laptop via LIVE Messenger. So replacing that with Skype shouldn't be hard.
  8. Gamingboy177 (Sam) Win User

    The Next XBOX

    Minimum of 4k and 60fps, maybe something to replace the Kinect?

Kinect Replacement !!!!

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