Kotor mix pot

Discus and support Kotor mix pot in XBoX Sales and Promo to solve the problem; Hello. I followed the help link to ask about the mixer reward for kotor. I believe I logged in during the event, but did not receive a reward. I tried... Discussion in 'XBoX Sales and Promo' started by nihilence, May 22, 2019.

  1. nihilence
    nihilence Guest

    Kotor mix pot

    Hello. I followed the help link to ask about the mixer reward for kotor. I believe I logged in during the event, but did not receive a reward. I tried logging in through mobile app and browser. Thank you for your help.

    nihilence, May 22, 2019
  2. Galaxy Golden Win User

    Kotor mix pot

    You should wait for the reward for at least two weeks after the event and if you still haven't gotten it yet, then you should contact support about the issue.
  3. GJChester Win User

    Mix pot?

    While they should be all rolled out by now but Microsoft's Xbox Support teams are slowly reply to people on here. Many of us are Ambassadors and while can offer help and pointers cannot access your accounts with Microsoft. In a lot of cases it was just
    a case of waiting a few days till the rewards got assigned to accounts.

    You can check by looking at
    it should show if the E3 content has been assigned to you, you will need to be signed in to see the results. IIf its not Xbox Support will reply to you soon with more details
  4. Proxy Rep Win User

    Mix Pot?

    are you sure your mixer account was linked to your xbox account? have you checked if the game is in the ready to install section?
    yes I’m sure it was linked, it’s the same account I had last year. And no I don’t see it anywhere.
  5. XBF SC Tahoa Win User

    Mix pot?

    Hey everyone,

    We have sent each of you an Xbox Live message with further information. Be sure to check your
    Xbox Live Message Inbox on Xbox.com while signed-in, or from your Xbox One console.

    Thank you all for posting!
  6. XCaptainMayhemX Win User

    Mix pot

    my gamer tag was announced on mixer on may 17 informing me that I won the mix pot and I never received it thanks.

Kotor mix pot

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