Like my bio ?

Discus and support Like my bio ? in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; Hello Gamer! I just want to know if it ok to use Freddy Krueger Bio? ae1cd621-0a73-48e5-907c-612f44fb14b9 Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by CAPTA1N LEWIS, Mar 18, 2014.

  1. Like my bio ?

    Hello Gamer!

    I just want to know if it ok to use Freddy Krueger Bio?

    CAPTA1N LEWIS, Mar 18, 2014
  2. Darth4212
    Darth4212 Guest
    Bio Art

    On my 360 I used to have bio art which I always thought was pretty cool. But now since I switched to my Xbox One my bio that used to look cool just looks like a drunk typed it. Does anyone have any bio art relating to Halo, COD, or Gears Of War?
    Darth4212, Mar 18, 2014
  3. Is my Bio safe to use ?

    Hello Gamers!

    I like Freddy Krueger Bio is it safe to use please check my bio.
    CAPTA1N LEWIS, Mar 18, 2014
  4. The Gravemind Win User

    Can't change my bio / location / name (on xbox live)

    I like to make my bio 'nice looking' as it were! obviously bio's aren't really that important as you're not playing Xbox to read someones bio! anyways, It doesn't let me edit my bio on this website anymore and all my writing that I put in my bio is now all
    bundled together looking all unkneet and untidy! I know this probably sounds pathetic.

    -Not sure wether I should of posted this here or not but hey ho!
  5. bradrox 1254 Win User

    Code:80154005/Account issues

    Yer this happens 2 me

    And I was just asking ppl to report my bio in my motto and in my bio it said reset my achievements like wtf I'm bummed and I got banned on my bday 6 / 12 I got banned 4 a week and it's the 3rd time I got banned4. My bio I think Microsoft hates me
  6. ROGUEHOSS Win User

    Xbox One Lacking Many things?

    my friends and i are wanting to move to the xbox one but we would like to have bios so we put our secondary gamertags in the bio along with other useful information
  7. CJ 5505 Win User

    can't connect to xbox live

    i was profile banned like 3months ago for my bio and that cheater was like 1 year ago i was just online today
  8. AdjacentGecko2 Win User

    Xboxlive Banned me for no reason, I would like to know why

    My bio must be rated E, though my bio was the appropriate age of those I played with. Also the word "***" is the only word considered to some "inappropriate" in my bio, you can find T.V. shows with worse language meant for kids that are like that. For example:
    The Simpsons. You can also find movies meant for kids that have worse language than that, for example: Iron Man. The system is absurd and the reason my account has been suspended/banned is ridiculous.

Like my bio ?

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