Live Gold (2 questions)

Discus and support Live Gold (2 questions) in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Q #1 - I plan to buy an XOne for my son tomorrow. Can we share my Live Gold account and if so how, or do I have to pay for two separate subscriptions?... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by cdug82, Oct 2, 2019.

  1. cdug82
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    Live Gold (2 questions)

    Q #1 - I plan to buy an XOne for my son tomorrow. Can we share my Live Gold account and if so how, or do I have to pay for two separate subscriptions?

    #2 - I've noticed some games vanishing from my Ready to Install list. I download then delete every free game to play later, but I notice there are less suddenly than before. I can't pinpoint all of them but at least a Gears game and one Forza, also NHL.
    I started my Gold april 2018, so I should have every game since then but I know now I don't. When I check my microsoft account on my laptop to see past downloads those games aren't there either. Is there a reason they're gone?

    cdug82, Oct 2, 2019
  2. AssertiveGrub90 Win User

    Live Gold (2 questions)

    On the console set as your home console, any other account that logs in will be able to play games that you own as well. You will still be able to use your own console as normal even if it isn't set as home.

    In the case of your missing games, did you download those games as a free trial of any sort or have you ever downloaded them from game pass? If not you may need to contact support to have a look at your account history for you.
  3. XBF Diego M Win User

    Live Gold (2 questions)

    Hi cdug82,

    Thank you for posting on the Xbox forums. I'd be happy to answer your questions.

    Yes, you can share your Xbox Live Gold subscription with your son through the "My home Xbox" feature which allows your content to be shared with your son on his own Xbox. It is very important that you create his own account based on his age and add him to
    a Microsoft Family for parental controls. In order to set up his console as your home Xbox, you need to add your account to his Xbox and then go into Personalization settings and select "My home Xbox", then you select "Make this my home Xbox". When adding
    your account to his Xbox, make sure to add sign in security by locking your account down with a password or requiring a 6 digit passkey to prevent un-authorized sign ins. More information about sharing Xbox Live Gold and games through "My home XBox" can be
    found in the following support guide:

    As far as games disappearing from your Ready to install section, when you uninstall the games are you also hiding the titles from view? You can hide games from the Ready to install section to reduce clutter by pressing the Menu button and then selecting
    Hide from list. To unhide items, go to My games & apps, press and hold the left stick
    on your controller, and then press the X button. if this is not the case, have you checked your Microsoft Account

    order history
    for any records that you claimed those games when they were free to install?
  4. skylaar Win User

    Live Gold (2 questions)

    I have the same setup as you do. I have my Xbox One in my office and an Xbox that my kids play on upstairs.

    Upstairs Xbox: Set as the Home system for my Xbox Live account. Log in and go into settings (a few have posted links above) and set it as the Home Xbox. Now anyone who logs into that Xbox can play games you have in your digital library. They also get
    the benefits of Gold (online play).

    My Office Xbox: No home system setup. I log into it with my account and can play any games from my library.

    For example, I bought Destiny digitally w/Expansions/DLC. I log in to the Upstairs and download it. I also have it installed in the office. Now I can play Destiny with my kids and enjoy all the content I have purchased. The only drawback is that I need
    to log in and download games on the Upstairs system as I don't think it lets my kids download them. This is not really a bad thing as it helps me know what they are playing.
  5. cdug82 Win User

    Live Gold (2 questions)

    No game pass, they were just free games on the Games with Gold subscription. I download then delete so I can access them later. Now they're just gone.
  6. Cloud Gear 13 Win User

    Live Gold (2 questions)

    Answer to Question One: My Home Xbox setting on Xbox One

    Answer to Question Two: If you're playing with your account it should all the games that you bought on the Install list and the ones that are downloaded in the Ready list, my guest is that you're account I been hacked, I suggest that you should, if you have,
    the password quickly in order to avoid any further problems and for further help: follow the link here: Account hacked solution.

Live Gold (2 questions)

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