Discus and support look in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; can anyone please please please boost me up please i have a level 55 commando and going throough UVHM and struggling and i have a lvl 5 (atm)... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by TragicMuffin V1, Feb 8, 2014.

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    can anyone please please please boost me up please i have a level 55 commando and going throough UVHM and struggling and i have a lvl 5 (atm) mechromancer and im struggling can anyone please and i mean please help me get one of my characters to level 72

    TragicMuffin V1, Feb 8, 2014
  2. Looks promising

    I have stopped taking pictures until Forza 4. Now it's time for a comment break down.

    Its funny how all these guys that used to play forza 1 or 2 are coming back and are excited about forza 4.

    And there still on the forza forums.

    All the same guys that left, the guys that whined, or the T10 haters as you call them. They all came back because of only a few things. CPL's mainly.

    Good T10 is taking a step in the right direction.

    Most of what I see on those forums im banned from is nothing but relief, relief that all the "complaining" that those people did actually accomplished something.

    The "Internet police" are doing a great job of getting that cleaned up and I haven't seen much negative stuff around about the game in a long time. With the new people automatically being moderated it helps out.

    I for one am glad I said what I did.

    Are you because you seems pretty mad that your banned.

    I am also thankful to all the people that voiced their opinions about it, and even getting banned themselves because they loved the franchise and chose to say something about what T10 did.

    Well good for them and thank you. But there was a Forza wish lists to put you ideas and wants in. If they didn't want to get banned for there excessive wrong doing.

    I am also really glad that T10 HAS listened.

    I am also but sometimes its good to try something different. You never know whats going to work in a video game. Isn't there one game you played that you where like that feature sounds stupid, but when you tried it, it wasn't as bad as you thought?

    Now some like georgiadawg might not believe them right off the bat, and those people can wait it out, but I havent completly lost faith. Despite feeling lied to, banned, and feeling just "thrown to the side".

    People misunderstanding what someone says is a common thing and people just take it in differently. I know what Dan has said to me and I don't fee lied to, But that's probably because I know where he coming from and what he is trying to say.

    I am excited about Forza 4.If everything they say is true I will play it like crazy.

    ME TOO!

    Its funny, me and my buddies were talking bout how GT6 is really gonna be what GT5 was supposed to be, and Forza 4 is gonna be what 3 was supposed to be. Its Looking good so far, and im hoping they deliever on it.

    Well at least Forza brought us a polished game than a half @@@ game, unliked GT5. GT5 bit off way to much and should have took baby bites like Forza is doing. Forza is going for the long run and knows they will become the surpreme game eventually.
    Manual Clutch, Feb 8, 2014
  3. p0tTh3d
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    Looks promising

    Oh, and its "their" or "they're". Not "there" Nice try guy......
    p0tTh3d, Feb 8, 2014
  4. Gillette 73 Win User


    lots of us playing gtav - feel free to join the crew and jump into our crew lobbies for non competitive fun x
  5. S Club 7 Win User

    Looking for

    @HollowTipz26 Add me if you want to but I usually only play team deathmatch though, and by the way nice icon pic i like it!
  6. Zehq Win User

    Looking for

    Translate that to Australian Eastern Seaboard TIme (GMT +10), and I'll let ya know if I play between them times.
  7. monstuu Win User

    looking for ....

    In addition to the Scene It? games, You Don't Know Jack is a great trivia game (and funny too).
  8. Stratty101 Win User

    looking for ....

    there's about 3 scene it games. played BOS last night and there was an update which seems to have new questions in it, only about once a year there is an update but they do seem to come with newer questions

    there's trivial persuits but i've not tried that. depends what kind of party games you're after, think there's some racing ones like sonic or viva pinata has a party games edition