Discus and support ls in XBoX on Mobile to solve the problem; im wanting to connect my headphones 003e2c00-b343-43b8-ac39-52dbde6577e3 Discussion in 'XBoX on Mobile' started by devenbristol, Nov 30, 2019.

  1. devenbristol
    devenbristol Guest


    im wanting to connect my headphones

    devenbristol, Nov 30, 2019
  2. IPlayHard0r4Fun Win User


    Host / On host team = LS / SC / Lodestar or exchange Lodestar for UAV

    Non host team = UAV / CUAV / LS
  3. Wishcatcher Win User
  4. SgtBattleaxe Win User

    Can only run in short bursts

    OP... are you trying to turn your character with the LS? Just hold straight up on the LS while sprinting and turn with the RS.
  5. Deaths Head 200 Win User

    Is this game still active on the xbox?

    Still, 99.9% of all linkshells are endgame LS's... I've tried in four different LS's, to get runs for missions or XP parties... and get nothing in return.
  6. John Dowding Win User

    graphical glitch on GTA V at night

    No pixelation in LS for me!