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Discus and support microsoft rewards in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; Why can’t i give microsoft points to family members anymore? 4b36cf71-938f-4aec-896f-b1f7d24d552f Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by zulv, Jun 7, 2021.

  1. zulv
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    microsoft rewards

    Why can’t i give microsoft points to family members anymore?

    zulv, Jun 7, 2021
  2. Smwutches Win User

    Xbox live

    What is? If you mean the Rewards program, you're thinking of Microsoft Rewards. That's a different program from the Xbox Rewards program. Xbox Rewards was run by a third party and ran at the same time as the Microsoft Rewards program for a while. Microsoft eventually shut down the Xbox Rewards program and opened the Microsoft Rewards program to more countries.
  3. Smwutches Win User

    Haven't received my 50000 points for Upgrading to the Xbox One X.

    That is an image from the Microsoft Rewards app, not the Xbox Rewards program. So it's a Microsoft Rewards offer. You will need to contact customer support for the Microsoft Rewards program again as Xbox Rewards support will not be able to assist.
  4. Reidlos88 Win User

    Never received my rewards!

    It was for xbox rewards though. I redeemed my xbox rewards points for microsoft credit so it is for xbox rewards not microsoft rewards.
  5. UnpopularCord6 Win User

    Xbox Gold Quest - October

    Microsoft rewards told me to talk to xboz rewards but i cant sice xbox rewards is now part of Microsoft rewards
  6. XBLRewards8 Win User

    rewards points for an elite controller

    Hello xxBButts76xx,

    For the most accurate response for these questions, you should reach out to Microsoft Rewards support via the Microsoft Rewards site. Since the Xbox Live Rewards program and Microsoft Rewards program are separate, Xbox Live Rewards cannot provide the most
    up to date responses on Microsoft Rewards issues.

microsoft rewards

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