Minecraft Migration troubles

Discus and support Minecraft Migration troubles in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; I like many others have to migrate my Minecraft account from Mojang to Microsoft. I am having trouble doing it though. I need to verify its my... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by brycewalker4, May 30, 2022.

  1. brycewalker4
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    Minecraft Migration troubles

    I like many others have to migrate my Minecraft account from Mojang to Microsoft.

    I am having trouble doing it though. I need to verify its my account with my email which would be a simple task but I do not have access to the email my Minecraft account uses. This is obviously because I do not know the password, don't have a recovery phone number or email address set up, and have not saved the password in any writing or computer. This is a big problem because I can no longer migrate my account which means I can no longer play Minecraft.

    The problem is pretty self-imposed but I would like some help discussing ways I could get my email password back or reset it. I have tried the forgot password button a million times and put in every password I ever remember using for anything but nothing works. I tried every step on the google email recovery page but nothing worked. Every time I try and do anything to change my password Google always says it can't verify that it's actually my email. I don't have security questions set up and I really need to migrate my account so I can play.

    I know a new account is only 25$ but it's not just about getting a new account to fix this problem, I've had this account for close to 10 years and I really don't want to just throw it all away by getting a new account. So I would like your guys' help on solutions to migrate my account or get access to my email back.

    Here is a list of things I have already done to try and fix this but haven't worked:

    1. I've tried changing my password

    2. I've tried calling google but they say they won't do anything with email recovery over the phone

    3. I've tried switching the email on my Minecraft account but I can't because its not verified to be my on accounts.mojang.com

    This is my last hope, please help me.

    brycewalker4, May 30, 2022
  2. pj.......... Win User

    Changing Microsoft Account alias broke Minecraft authentication?

    I have tried that and the replies I got were not very helpful. They were from "Minecraft Gamers" rather than from actual support staff, and it didn't seem like they actually read and understood my question.

    I got instructions about migration. Migration isn't the problem; I migrated months ago and had no trouble playing after migrating. The problem seems to be that I changed my Microsoft alias. I still have access to the Microsoft account; it's how I'm logged in on my PC right now. I'm also logged in with that same account on Minecraft.net and it shows that I own Minecraft on the "My Games" page. However, the Minecraft Launcher doesn't seem to recognize that same account.
  3. Pacomed002 Win User

    Missing products after recovering account

    I don't fully understand what the sentence "trace out where you had migrated the Mojang account." means, if you mean the device I migrated from, it was my personal computer, through the prompt I got in the Minecraft Launcher.
    If the day when it was migrated is needed, I do know it thanks to a message to a friend on that day.

    About the several accounts, in microsoft I only had that one, this is the one I made after I had all the trouble, and also have the "recovered" account.
  4. Lucas Lauer Win User

    Minecraft migration game lost

    If you received the confirmation email about the migration, it migrated properly for sure. Please make sure you download the right version of Minecraft (Java or Minecraft for Windows) and use this Windows 7/8 launcher for now.
  5. XBF - Hayabusa Win User

    Disconnect Minecraft account from Microsoft Account

  6. Thea Heggero Win User

    Can only play Minecraft Demo after Migrating Mojang Account


    I had the same issue today, logging into the minecraft website and migrating there too fixed it for me. I migrated first on the minecraft launcher and it just said I had a demo, but after migrating on the website too it worked for me.

    I've seen some other users fixed it by changing the minecraft version to a different one until it worked.

    Hope Microsoft comes out with a fix soon.

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