minecraft problem important

Discus and support minecraft problem important in XBoX Games and Apps to solve the problem; hello Microsoft Team , i bought Minecraft 2 times and i had to reset my PC and i can not find minecraft in my STORE and in my ACCOUNT , when i log in... Discussion in 'XBoX Games and Apps' started by mohamad alaghbar, May 25, 2022.

  1. minecraft problem important

    hello Microsoft Team ,

    i bought Minecraft 2 times and i had to reset my PC and i can not find minecraft in my STORE and in my ACCOUNT , when i log in my microsoft acc i have to bay the game again but i allredy bought it what should i do ?

    how do i get it back ?

    mohamad alaghbar, May 25, 2022
  2. Francia J. Win User

    minecraft problem important

    Hi, I hope you're doing great out there despite the issue that you're experiencing. I am an Independent advisor and I am here to help you in regard to your concern.

    I would like to clarify, is this Minecraft Java Edition or Minecraft for Windows?
  3. BekkemaM Win User

    Transfering Minecraft Xbox 360 to Xbox One X won't work

    Together with Mojang support I found out the problem why I do not manage to import my saved worlds on my Xbox One X in the online purchased version of Minecraft.

    The Minecraft Xbox One version that you can buy online in the Microsoft store is a different version than the Minecraft Xbox One version you buy in the store (DVD). The online version is the so-called Minecraft (bedrock code base on xbox one) version.

    To import the saved worlds, you first need to export the worlds on the Xbox 360 Minecraft version, import them into the Minecraft Xbox One Edtion import and then import old worlds into the Minecraft bedrock codebase version. (Minecraft Xbox 360 -> Minecraft
    Xbox One Edtion -> Minecraft Xbox bedrock codebase).

    You end up with a version that you do not use, but you can then sell it via e-bay to fellow gamers who have the same problem. :)

    So it is possible and fortunately not as Microsoft indicated earlier that the worlds would be lost.
  4. ArminatorX Win User

    Minecraft xbox 360 edition save transfer

    If you have a fried with the "Minecraft Xbox One Version" you can use that to import your 360 world to the Xbox One Edition.

    Save that, and then you can import it into the "Minecraft" version you have.
  5. ArminatorX Win User

    Need an answer

    The Xbox 360 version of Minecraft is not backwards compatible on the Xbox One.

    If you had owned Minecraft 360 digitally, you could have had the benefit of getting the "Xbox One Edition" at a reduced price, and if you owned the Xbox One Edition, you could then get the "Minecraft" without "Xbox One Edition" on the Xbox One for free.

    However, these offers have all now expired, and the only way to get Minecraft on your Xbox One is to buy the game again.

    Be aware: You can't import your Xbox 360 worlds in the newer Xbox One Minecraft!

    If getting your Xbox 360 world over is important for you, you need to find someone with "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" and import it to that game first. Then import that world into "Minecraft" on the Xbox One.
  6. ArminatorX Win User

    Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition coversion

    the problem I have is the xbox 360 itself is no longer capable of internet connection. Probably bad hardware. To make matters worse, the admin privileges for the xbox 360 are locked to a xbox live profile, which can no longer sign in, which leave usb stick
    out of order....
    How is your Xbox 360 connected to the Internet? Via Ethernet cable or wirelessly? What Xbox 360 model do you have? The original "round" Xbox 360, the smaller "edgier" Xbox 360S model, or the Xbox 360E which looks like the Xbox One?

    And what do you mean by "admin privileges"? The Xbox 360 has no "administrator" account. Do you mean a "parental account" that has set child restrictions? Those don't affect storage devices attached to the console.

    If you need to reset the parental settings of the Xbox 360 and forgotten the passcode, follow the instructions here: https://support.xbox.com/help/xbox-360/security/forgotten-parental-controls-pass-code

    But even with those problems out of the way: While you might be able to save your Minecraft World savegame on an USB drive, you wouldn't be able to import that into any other Minecraft version.

    The only way to import your Minecraft world to a "modern" Minecraft version is described above with the steps being:

    Upload 360 world to the cloud with a working Internet connection.

    Import cloud save on Xbox One into Minecraft Xbox One Edition.

    Import that converted Xbox One Version world into Minecraft (without Xbox One Edition)

    Import that world into a Realm.

    Download the Realm world to your Windows 10 PC version of Minecraft (or even Nintendo Switch Minecraft).

minecraft problem important

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