Minecraft Xbox one.

Discus and support Minecraft Xbox one. in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; I have the Minecraft Xbox one. It came with Minecraft preinstalled. Now Im being told that I have to purchase Minecraft. I tried putting in the... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by TaliaDice, May 21, 2019.

  1. TaliaDice
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    Minecraft Xbox one.

    I have the Minecraft Xbox one. It came with Minecraft preinstalled. Now Im being told that I have to purchase Minecraft. I tried putting in the original disc, restarting Xbox, checking on my profile...nothing. Still can not play without buying a new minecraft?
    Why? I already bought a Minecraft Xbox and have had it for over 3 years. Please help!

    TaliaDice, May 21, 2019
  2. luissolid Win User

    Minecraft World Transfer

    In this case you can transfer worlds worlds from Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition to Minecraft Xbox One Edition or/and Minecraft Xbox One Edition to Minecraft.

  3. ArminatorX Win User

    Syncing worlds on minecraft works one way but not the other with 2 xboxes

    Please do make sure that both consoles are running "Minecraft", and not "Minecraft Xbox One Edition".

    While "Minecraft" is able to load "Xbox One Edition" worlds, you can't save/import "Minecraft" worlds into the "Xbox One Edition".

    Check the game tile before you play the game:

    Minecraft Xbox One Edition has "Xbox One Edition" in the name itself, and shows the game Character "Steve" with a pickaxe and a dog leaving a forest with some critters following them.

    The Xbox Minecraft without "Xbox One Edition" is only named "Minecraft" and shows the game characters standing on a hilltop with several animals and mobs around them.

    So really make sure that you are using "Minecraft" on both console, and not "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" on your original Xbox One, and "Minecraft" on the Xbox One S.
  4. Madhattre Win User
  5. xArkSlade08x Win User

    How to play Minecraft cross-platform(new recent updates)?

    Minecraft editions that I own:

    - Minecraft xbox one edition

    - Minecraft Beta xbox one

    - Minecraft from xbox game Pass

    - Minecraft PlayStation vita

    - Minecraft PlayStation 4
  6. ArminatorX Win User

    Minecraft 360

    Back then when the Xbox One Edition (the Minecraft with the "Xbox One Edition" in the name, not the new "Minecraft" for Xbox One) was released, there was a short time, where you could buy "Minecraft Xbox One Edition" for a reduced price, if you owned the
    original Xbox 360 Minecraft digitally.

    Xbox 360 Minecraft and Xbox One Edition Minecraft are two different things. Like having a vinyl record of a music album and then having to buy a CD of the same album. Or having a DVD of a movie, and having to pay for the BluRay version of the movie.

    However, the Xbox One Edition can't be bought nowadays anymore. Have you had the Xbox One Edition digitally, you would get the "Minecraft" (without the "Xbox One Edition" in the name) for free.

    You can however transfer your Xbox 360 worlds to the Xbox One, if you somehow got hold of the "Xbox One Edition" before it was replaced by the new "Minecraft".

    To do that, start your Xbox 360 Minecraft and make sure it's on the latest version. Then use the menu entry to upload your world to the online cloud.

    Now start up Minecraft Xbox One Edition and import your world.

    With your world in the Xbox One Edition, you can then start the "new" Minecraft on the Xbox One, and import your world from the Xbox One Edition to the new Minecraft.

Minecraft Xbox one.

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