Minecraft 變成試玩版,官網也無法下載,顯示要購買?

Discus and support Minecraft 變成試玩版,官網也無法下載,顯示要購買? in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; 昨天玩得好好的,電腦也沒有關機,今天開麥塊起來就變成試玩版。 很久之前就已經遷移過mojang帳號,應該是沒有遷移問題了。 想要重裝,去官網發現沒辦法下載Minecraft... 必 要購買,但我之前就已經購買過了... 我是被騙錢了嗎... *** moved from Windows /... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by shi111, Aug 11, 2022.

  1. shi111
    shi111 Guest

    Minecraft 變成試玩版,官網也無法下載,顯示要購買?



    想要重裝,去官網發現沒辦法下載Minecraft... 必 要購買,但我之前就已經購買過了...


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    shi111, Aug 11, 2022
  2. 有利張 Win User


  3. CCHUN32 Win User

    Forza Horizon 4 無法進入[Translation-Forza Horizon 4 Cannot enter]

    最近玩Forza horizon 4一直無法進入遊戲,網路上方法都試過了,最近發現只要把系統地區台灣改成中國就能玩,爬文也發現 多人有這個問題。請問這個問題該如何解決?

    [Translation-ecently play Forza horizon 4 has been unable to enter the game, the network methods have been tried, recently found that as long as the system area of Taiwan into China can play, climbing also found that quite a number of people have
    this problem.

    How can I solve this problem?]
    我也有相同的問題,但是我沒有試過把地區改成中國, 為我是香港用戶。


  4. XA JJKILLERs Win User

    Forza horizon 4 遊戲崩潰的問題

    我購買的終極版,只要在"效能測試模式"選 按下去之後會遊戲崩潰,下圖是錯誤資訊

    一般正常遊玩是ok的,不過在玩了三四十分鐘之後也會無 警崩潰,大概發生兩次都是在遊玩期間崩潰

    this is a problem that a lot of people are having right now i had an update about an hour ago but have not tested yet.

  5. zzt820820 Win User

    can not download fable III

    when i download it from pc, i got '目前無法完成您的訂購,請稍後再試。'

    when i download it form xbox360 i got '無法從 目前的所在區域取得此 目'
  6. 恩勗王 Win User

    Cant join the session Forza Horizon 4 PC

    為甚麼forza horizon4官方送的禮物沒辦法 也沒辦法下載?求個解答

    我這沒 出來我會虧到爆阿........

Minecraft 變成試玩版,官網也無法下載,顯示要購買?

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