Movie Theater or Live Party Viewing Potential

Discus and support Movie Theater or Live Party Viewing Potential in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; This probably won’t get much attention and/or won’t be feasible either technologically or legally BUT: My friends and I got quite disappointed when... Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/mcneal_, Oct 9, 2021.

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    Movie Theater or Live Party Viewing Potential

    This probably won’t get much attention and/or won’t be feasible either technologically or legally BUT:

    My friends and I got quite disappointed when Mixer got sold to Facebook. We always talk about how we wish there was a feature we could use to stream a game or a show/movie to only the party members and be able to watch together. There’s so many times that we’re recording and sharing clips of games we play that it doesn’t capture the full context of the situation playing out and only captures the highlight. We wish there was more in the way of watching our friends game without them having to stream on twitch or a service that isn’t integrated into Xbox itself. It would be cool if we could game and also have a small pop up screen in a corner of the screen that party members choose that shows what our friend or friends are playing that streams to only members of their party, if that makes sense. Then we could all collectively discuss what’s going on during their gameplay without them having to pause, record clip, share clip, unpause and then continue playing. That process is extra difficult when playing online games where you can’t actually pause gameplay. I understand the movie or TV show is probably not doable but could we ever see features like these or an upgrade to the party system that would make a live viewing system possible for Xbox? It would be great for groups of players who love talking but may be playing different games and people who don’t want to leave their gameplay experience to go to an entirely different platform to watch their friend play. A lot of my friends would enjoy this because we’re not streamers. We can’t be the only ones. We’re not interested in being streamers just to show our friends what we’re playing and constantly taking clips not only affects cloud storage or console storage but also takes away from the overall experience of playing on Xbox with friends and your gameplay experience in general.

    Let me your thoughts! I hope this is an idea Microsoft/Xbox can consider. Please be considerate, if its a stupid idea or suggestion provide your ideas on how it could be better rather than talk down on the post. Thanks so much.

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    /u/mcneal_, Oct 9, 2021
  2. darkist1 Win User

    Is this app I came across showing tv and movies illegally?

    Im not actually sure something like this would be legal? if it's third party, free movie viewing app's it might potentially be harmful.
  3. Enraged Bacon Win User

    is this happening to anyone about the midnight release

    This movie has the potential to ruin my November 22nd with my xbox. I'm a Digital Cinema Tech for my theater chain, I hope opening weekend goes perfectly. I also hope its a decent movie, since I will have to screen the thing prior to public viewing. I
    liked the first one for the most part, it was a little to girly for me in a few parts. But judging by the trailers, this one looks like I will enjoy it more.
  4. tohellnbak Win User

    Opinion Time!

    they wont do it.... at least not a kinect based price tag... stay out of the room or out of view of the Kinect.. and still watch... will never happen that way... If anything... they will just charge a higher price... My IO Cable companies ON Demand as
    movies in theaters now... or not in theaters yet.. and they are priced at $7.99 to $9.99 as compared to the normal ON demand movies out on DVD for $4.95.. they will just charge more per movie/PPV
  5. Myala Win User

    Opinion Time!

    I think it was just a potential patent in case there would be a need for the use such as the ones that you stated. Also, besides boxing matches it could be used to entice movie publishers to allow more same as theater movies if they could pay per person
    watching. Which is the main reason many do not offer same as theater releasing, they feel they are losing out due to one fee per family instead of a fee per person.
  6. DrDeath TGH Win User

    Why can't we skip cinema sequences in Story Mode?

    I go to movie theaters in hopes of viewing something saturated with cinematic artistry fit for the refined palate. The story behind the characters of Mortal Kombat is, even by the horrendously low standards by which contemporary literature is judged (and
    most definitely the standards of previous generations), complete garbage that is better used for kindling than reading or viewing. However, the game itself is quite entertaining, and I have been playing them since the very original.

    In sum, I go to movie theaters to see movies; I don't play story mode on Mortal Kombat 9 for the story -- I do it so that I can unlock/complete various elements.

Movie Theater or Live Party Viewing Potential

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