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Discus and support My gamertag in XBoX on Windows to solve the problem; Hi, I change my gamertag on my pc to play forza horizon 4 and he add this number in my name 4713. I dont know why. I cant change my name after that.... Discussion in 'XBoX on Windows' started by Remy6954, Apr 6, 2020.

  1. Remy6954
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    My gamertag

    Hi, I change my gamertag on my pc to play forza horizon 4 and he add this number in my name 4713. I dont know why. I cant change my name after that.

    Why and can I change my name free ?

    Remy6954, Apr 6, 2020
  2. VibroPlex Win User

    My gamertag?

    Make sure you have the latest info on your Xbox console. I'd start by clearing the system cache (it's just updates plus other temporary files, nothing that's at all important to anyone) by:

    1) Tap the silver Xbox Guide button on the controller, go right 2 clicks to Settings, pick System Settings.

    2) Select Storage (or Memory).

    3) Move over any hard drive or memory unit (not the Cloud) & press (Y) on your controller & pick Clear System Cache.

    4) When asked to confirm storage device maintenance, choose Yes.

    Delete profile from your console

    1) go to & click on Sign in at upper right - if you can't sign in then STOP: DON'T delete your profile. Please call Xbox Support for help with your account. If you can sign in, delete & redownload your profile on your Xbox this way:

    2) Go to Settings

    3) pick System

    4) choose Storage

    5) pick All Devices

    6) choose Gamer Profiles

    7) pick the gamertag

    8) choose Delete, and

    9) pick Delete Profile Only. This deletes the profile but leaves saved games and achievements. Now, re-download your profile.


    1) Tap the silver Xbox Guide button

    2) Select Download Profile (and if you don't see it, press the blue X button to make sure you're not signed in) and proceed with Profile Download.

    3) Enter the Windows Live ID for your Xbox LIVE gamertag when asked.

    4) Enter the password for the WLID.

    4A) If your account is an Xbox LIVE child account, the parent’s Windows Live ID & password is required as well to download your profile.

    5) Pick the storage device for your profile (choose Hard Drive if you have one, or Memory Unit if you don't have a Hard Drive).

    6) When the download completes you will be asked if you want the console to remember your password. If it's your home console, I'd say yes, otherwise I'd think carefully about leaving my profile unprotected on somebody else's Xbox!

    7) Sign in, and retry.
  3. Pagano Win User

    My gamertag?

    When you change your Gamertag, you are just changing the "Screen name" of your profile. This action does not change any other information in your account.

    If you created another account in order to change your gamertag you will need to login with the credentials of this new account ( ie. email and password that you used when creating the new account) to be able ot use it with your smartglass device.
  4. oOUTSIDERo62 Win User

    My gamertag

    You can post is this forum:
    to find out why you received a forced name change, but it is likely your name was offensive in some way and somebody reported it.
  5. decmccafferty Win User

    my gamertag

    just pay it i have a good name for u OG Ewe Or Sir Ewe
  6. davemcfly85 Win User

    my gamertag

    was it created on the PC or on the console that is the only other thing I can think of why it created a tag and it wont let you change it unless you pay it.

My gamertag

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