Discus and support Narrator in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Good device, ver annoying at times 59d7adab-3d4a-47f1-b17e-fea10c523792 Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by higginsb(2), May 12, 2019.

  1. higginsb(2)
    higginsb(2) Guest


    Good device, ver annoying at times

    higginsb(2), May 12, 2019
  2. Krazy Crayon Win User

    Blue box glitch?

    I seemed to have fixed it. When the console updated, it glitched out and turned the narrator on, but the glitch cause the narration to not work. All I did was turn the narrator off and now all is good.
  3. gameshoes3003 Win User

    Random Game Discussion Part 2:Bastion

    [quote user="xDefySpace"]

    How don't you like the narrator? He made the game funny and entertaining. The narration was pretty decent imo.


    Funny, what?

    I will agree though that the game would be incredibly bland if it weren't for some of the narration.

    Overall though, people are giving too much praise to the narration. As in false credit. The narrator doesn't describe "everything".

    How people got that impression is beyond me.
  4. Defy Lightning Win User

    Random Game Discussion Part 2:Bastion

    How don't you like the narrator? He made the game funny and entertaining. The narration was pretty decent imo.
  5. Leo Invictus Win User

    Why is my Xbox One talking to me!?

    The narrator is probably turned on. Go to "settings," then "all settings," scroll down to "ease of access," scroll right to "narrator" and you should be able to toggle it off or on.
  6. RobertBuckalew Win User

    How do I turn off the Siri-like "selected" voice on the menu?

    The "Narrator"....

    Scroll left on the Home screen to open the guide.

    2.Go down to the fifth tab and select Settings.

    3.Scroll left and select the default option, All Settings.

    4.The bottom option in Settings is Ease of Access. Scroll down to it and then scroll right to find and select Narrator.

    5.The focus will default to the area where you can turn narrator on and off again. Press the A button on your controller to turn the narrator on. To turn it off, press the A button again.


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