Networking Issues

Discus and support Networking Issues in XboX Networking Hardware to solve the problem; Networking Issues For the last couple of months my Xbox One has had extremely poor wireless connection which seemed to occur overnight. My download... Discussion in 'XboX Networking Hardware' started by Mr Willaldinho, Jan 17, 2017.

  1. Networking Issues

    Networking Issues
    For the last couple of months my Xbox One has had extremely poor wireless connection which seemed to occur overnight. My download speed has dropped from 50mb per second to around 4 or 5. I cannot play any online game due to lag. It can't be the internet
    itself as my housemate who uses the same internet still has a really good wireless connection. The Xbox can't identify any issues and says that everything is good. I have also used wired which makes my connection a lot better but it isn't stable. I get randomly
    disconnected from the EA servers when I play FIFA. Has anyone else had this issue or have any suggestions on how I can solve this?

    Thanks in advance

    Mr Willaldinho, Jan 17, 2017
  2. Weird issue with mic

    Sounds like NAT or network issues. Sometimes when two people have a certain network config you can play and chat with other people just fine, but not someone else with your same issue.

    My wife and I used to have a similar issue with chat in OG Destiny. Check your NAT and make sure it is open not moderate or strict.
    SteadyMercury, Jan 17, 2017
  3. Foster
    Foster Guest
    so whats going to go wrong ?

    I think it will be network issues on both sides.
    Foster, Jan 17, 2017
  4. SLB4EVERPT Win User

    Network Issue

    You can try to follow the steps here: . Just find the error that you have and follow the steps.
  5. M3tal Daz3 Win User

    Network Issues

    try removing the account from the console, doing a hard restart, hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on, and then re-adding the account
  6. dogsounds Win User

    Network Issues

    Left one "EA" in there, apologies. I meant "Activision". It's been a long day ;)
  7. tec70 Win User

    Networking Issue

    There are problems on XBL at the moment. All we can do is wait........
  8. AuthenticBus Win User

    Network issues


    Thanks for your quick response.

    1. I think you are right, it probably is not a network issue. I do not receive any error message when checking my network connection; the network, internet, and xbox live are all connected just fine.

    2. I received an error message, “80072ee2” that led me to this forum on xbox support,
    It told me that my problem was that the update could not be downloaded from xbox live. I checked when the download was issues, and it was right around the same time that my xbox started lagging out (August 26,

    3. Ah ah! Now that is interesting. I disconnected the hard drive and turned it on. Before it booted up, I was prompted to get a system update. However, I need 190 mb of free space… so, I plugged the hard drive back on. But then it does not update
    and is still slow. Do I need a new hard drive? and will that erase my xboxlive account?

    Thank you again for your help,

    Jeremiah ()

Networking Issues

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