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Discus and support No Xbox One Store in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; My Xbox recently got completely rebooted and it uninstalled the whole store so i can't buy or download anything at all. I can't just reinstall the... Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by TYRELLAthena_Reborn_Pvtt, Sep 28, 2019.

  1. No Xbox One Store

    My Xbox recently got completely rebooted and it uninstalled the whole store so i can't buy or download anything at all. I can't just reinstall the store because it says I need the store to install the store. Can someone help?

    TYRELLAthena_Reborn_Pvtt, Sep 28, 2019
  2. Misses Quinzel Win User

    Xbox one store

    Hey, Chanandler!

    I'm sorry to see any frustrations around your region not being available for Xbox Live! Here is a current list of all the regions
    Xbox Live is supported in. While you can change your console's region to one of those on the list, we cannot guarantee the experience you receive with that. You could run into issues redeeming
    tokens for games, and some games may not work in your region.

    Aside from that, we also suggest posting up on our
    Feedback site
    that you would like to see Xbox Live brought to your region. This is the best place to ensure your voice is heard. :)

    Feel free to let us know how it goes! While we, as Official Support, cannot assist with any issues you may run into, our community of users can work on helping you out if you need it!


    Xbox Forums Staff

    Be sure to check out the Xbox Forum Guidelines for the Do's and Don'ts as well as the Xbox Insider
    Program Forums
    for help with Xbox Insider Program troubleshooting.
  3. XBF Diego M Win User

    No Xbox One Store

    Hi TYRELLAthena_Reborn_Pvtt,

    Thank you for posting on the Xbox forums. I'd be happy to help.

    The Microsoft Store app on the Xbox One cannot be uninstalled. If you cannot access the Microsoft Store for whatever reason, then your console will more than likely need to be reset.

    First, go ahead and do a hard restart and
    power cycle
    . Hold down the power button on the console for about 10 seconds until it shuts down and then remove the power cable from the Xbox and the power outlet for about 5 minutes. Then re-connect and wait 60 seconds before turning on the Xbox.

    If that doesn't help then you will need to try out a soft factory reset.

    1. Press the Xbox button to open the guide.
    2. Select System > Settings > System > Console info.
    3. Select Reset console.

    Make sure to select "Keep my games & apps" and have the correct account login information plus your Wi-Fi password ready if you connect wireless because you will need to re-add the account's that were on the Xbox and re-connect to your
    network during the reset.

    Let us know the results!
  4. A_ice Win User

    Xbox One Store???

    I don't like the store either, it's confusing and I feel like I'm not seeing everything available. It's more like looking at NetFlix, but NetFlix is better organized. In fact, I don't like the GUI at all. I've had mine about a month and I still can't remember
    how to find what I'm looking for. And, what's the point of saving screenshots if you can't see anything but the borders of your pic when you save them as a background? Maybe the developers could come up with a screensaver mode or something so we can actually
    see our backgrounds that we're saving?

    Personally, I feel better doing my shopping for games on the Xbox Store, which is much better than the Microsoft Store because they have more selections... and by the way, they're not the same thing. MS Store and Xbox Store are no way related except that
    they use the exact same logo. And, if you click on "Store" on the Xbox website, it takes you to the MS Store, not the Xbox Store. You have to go into Xbox Live then the dropdown menu has the Xbox Store listed there. You still can't see prices anymore unless
    you click thru the hoops. I guess that's a marketing ploy to make you want the game first before they shock you with the price tag. ;)

    You can either buy the game from the online store or decide what you want and then search for it and buy it from the console.

    But, I agree, the interface is not user-friendly. It was much better on the Xbox 360, IMO.
  5. ReaL F1ameZz Win User

    Store on xbox one

    it’s a problem with Xbox and a few other apps like EA access
  6. SILKYJJ Win User

    xbox one store

    Yes this should be fine, you should not have anything to worry about.

No Xbox One Store

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