open tray issue

Discus and support open tray issue in XBoX on Consoles to solve the problem; when i put disk in my 360 it says open tray how can i fix this issue 0834abee-b6dd-4560-9061-a4e17edce083 Discussion in 'XBoX on Consoles' started by grice2000, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. grice2000
    grice2000 Guest

    open tray issue

    when i put disk in my 360 it says open tray how can i fix this issue

    grice2000, Feb 8, 2014
  2. Open Tray issue !!

    [quote user="NEUROTIC HOG"]

    i'm no tech expert, but I wouldn't have thought it was due to overheating as the new slims are supposed to have an automatic shut down procedure if they get too hot or are not well ventilated, sounds more like a problem with the laser in the disc drive,
    maybe try the support pages for some more info - hope you get it sorted though mate


    I agree, it's the laser. I had the exact same problem. Playing about with the POT got it to work for a few more weeks, but then I had to buy a new laser. Once I replaced that it worked just fine.
    Morph Phoenix, Feb 8, 2014
  3. neilhorgan
    neilhorgan Guest
    Open Tray issue !!

    [quote user="sparklefingers"]

    Hog they're suppose to doesn't mean they don't over heat. i have gone through one already.

    [/quote]Yeah, I know there are still people experiencing overheating problems, from what Problematic Dog is describing though it does sound more like an issue with the disc drive, specifically the laser
    neilhorgan, Feb 8, 2014
  4. open tray issue

    From my personal experience when you put a disk in your console and it says nothing more than "Open Tray" or "Play DVD" then your disk drive may be shot. Only way to fix the problem is to either send it in to Microsoft to be fixed, or buy a new Xbox.

    You could also go here and try to se if you can solve the issue yourself:
    RiposaurusRex, Feb 9, 2014
  5. Mister Gwyther Win User

    Open tray issue

    Just to clarify, all other discs work on your console, correct? Does this disc work on other consoles?
  6. Problematic dog Win User

    Open Tray issue !!

    i can see where you could get confused so ill explain further, the console was traded in without being used, the original owner got it as part of a phone contract deal and then traded it in for the cash, it had not been used or connected to the
    internet, all original seals and stickers and packaging where as they should have been, hence the "new (pre owned) statement, hope that clears that up and sorry for any confusion :)
  7. LicensedCrimson Win User

    Open Tray Issue

    Hello xDotHackerx, It could be a problem with your lens inside the xbox. I had this problem before and I just get a cleaning disc and put it in the Xbox let it run and it worked fine.
  8. Shifty360 LIVE Win User

    Open tray issue

    Hi :)

    Just before I got Red Ring (which was due to a loose disc reader) I would have this problem.

    There is not much I could do, besides give it a good thump or ring support (who are great)
  9. neilhorgan Win User

    Open Tray issue !!

    [quote user="sparklefingers"]

    Oh i know that, i was just saying to your above post that they are still breaking. mine was 6 months old. my new one is coming up to 6 months old too and it kept crashing last night....

    [/quote]Sorry to hear that Sparkle - Hope it was just a one off

open tray issue

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