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Discus and support OTT Enforcement in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; Hi, I want to make this post as attempting to make tweets to/email any source of Xbox is going completely responded. I have now faced two communication... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by TBFX1, Apr 22, 2019.

  1. TBFX1
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    OTT Enforcement

    Hi, I want to make this post as attempting to make tweets to/email any source of Xbox is going completely responded. I have now faced two communication suspensions within the last 3 months over 2 single messages I have sent off my account. While I admit
    they were explicit in tone, no harm was meant by either message and I do understand the logic behind the enforcement. However, two things have aggravated me both times:

    1: I play Xbox fairly competitively with friends, we use Microphone chat all the time as it makes games better/more tactical. Why I face action which severely handicaps my ability to play with my friends in a competitive environment over unconnected private
    messages I do not understand. If I were to be prohibited from sending messages, especially to unfriended players, I could understand the enforcement. I would also understand if I was offensive via microphone communication. However, this action demonises me
    and makes me feel directly attacked in how I play online. This leads onto:

    2: Both circumstances have arisen due to another player harassing/trolling me, which is against TOS, but face no clear action. They have done this in an effort to get a rise out of players, as I believe they are using the system to systematically ban players
    (especially useful in a competitive environment) as they know how the system automatically flags certain language. They will then wait for such language, report it, and get some kind of enjoyment out of doing so. One person of these two has directly gloated
    me for knowing I would face suspencion

    I understand completely what I did was wrong, I won't deny that, but why is this system directly choosing to handicap me and my enjoyment so regularly yet when others clearly violate TOS too they face no punishment? Is there also any chance I could speak
    to a REAL human Xbox rep who understands context in these circumstances? It also makes me angry when I have overwhelmingly positive player feedback yet face these suspensions.

    Edit: Oh and also, I couldn't use my connected Xbox account I normally use to post this thread as it seems that has been banned too. Weird that you wouldn't want me trying to post about the issue respectfully on a medium completely separate from my system?

    Thanks, Turbo

    TBFX1, Apr 22, 2019
  2. Gamingboy177 (Sam) Win User

    OTT Enforcement

    In the future just report and block. Don't go against COC and TOS.
  3. TBFX1 Win User

    OTT Enforcement

    Hi thanks for responding, I appreciate the guidance. I just find it sad people are clearly abusing the system themselves but face no kind of likewise action, I think it's one sided and allowing for them to get away with it again and again
  4. pawncrackers Win User

    OTT Enforcement

    Hi there,

    Regrettably, In Enforcement situations, there is nothing we can do here in the forums, in regards to actions taken by the Enforcement team - we can only advise.

    Please check the Enforcements section of this page, and also, the email address associated with your Gamertag, for more information.

    You can appeal your suspension, if it's for over 24 hours, by visiting this page:

    If your appeal is unsuccessful, we advise you to learn from your mistakes and ride out your suspension time.

    Hope this helps,

  5. Flymonkey102 Win User

    OTT Enforcement

    If you want to contact the Xbox Live Policy & Enforcement Team you can file a Case Review

    - You can't file a Case Review if the suspension is less than 24 hours or you failed the questionnaire.

    - Note: Currently, Xbox device bans are not eligible for Case Review.

    Case Review -

    The Enforcement team is not active on these forums. Also if you knew they were baiting you it's probably not the best idea to break the Code of Conduct.
  6. Smwutches Win User

    OTT Enforcement

    It doesn't matter how a situation starts. If you respond in a way that violates the code of conduct, you can be punished. In situations like that, it's best to just report the other person and block communication with them. As long as you are reporting
    them too, the enforcement team will investigate them and take the appropriate action. There is no way for you to know if/when they have received an enforcement action. So it is possible they have received some type of suspension.

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