Overheating issue

Discus and support Overheating issue in XboX Insiders to solve the problem; E football pes 2020 is causing my Xbox one x to overheat and shut down. I'm in the Xbox insiders program. submitted by /u/212Herm [link] [comments] Discussion in 'XboX Insiders' started by /u/212Herm, Sep 29, 2019.

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    Overheating issue

    E football pes 2020 is causing my Xbox one x to overheat and shut down. I'm in the Xbox insiders program.

    submitted by /u/212Herm
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    /u/212Herm, Sep 29, 2019
  2. PaRaDIsEciTyGnR Win User

    Overheating issues.

    I use the turbo fans and they seem to work fine on my console if you put your hand behind them and then turn them on you can feel the warm air being sucked out quicker.
  3. JayLar1981 Win User

    Overheating issues.

  4. MadMax1x Win User

    Overheating issues.

    Yes it sounds like the cooling fan is not working is it a 360 or 360s check to see if you can see or hear the fan running, or if you can feel warm air being drawn out. If it's an older model you can buy turbo fans that plug onto the back and they work very
  5. X PikeSebY X Win User

    Overheating issues

    It was overheating a lot prior to the vacuum-cleaning, I decided to vacuum it because the cause of it might be the accumulated dust inside. So I doubt I broke anything, or at least anymore than was already broken.

    I will see if the problems continue to arrise tonight, if this is the case I will go back to the store to get it repaired.
  6. Mark Sherwood Win User

    Overheating issues

    X PikeSebY X hey there :)

    It sounds as though the
    set-up of your console
    is sufficient and healthy, so my advice would be to let the console cool down one more time. The Xbox 360 is designed to shut itself down when overheating to prevent further potential damage to the console itself and to ensure the
    safety of its environment.

    Turn your console off for one hour and then turn it back on. If you still have this same problem, then you will need to go ahead request a repair. You can read all the relevant information about how to get your product repaired over on this page


    I hope this helps.

    Many thanks,


Overheating issue

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