Discus and support Passcode in XBoX Accessibility to solve the problem; hi, I sold my xbox 360 to someone and they cant get it to work as it is asking for a passcode.... I am at a loss....This was for my grankids and they... Discussion in 'XBoX Accessibility' started by JudyMilbourn, Sep 5, 2019.

  1. JudyMilbourn
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    hi, I sold my xbox 360 to someone and they cant get it to work as it is asking for a passcode.... I am at a loss....This was for my grankids and they set it

    JudyMilbourn, Sep 5, 2019
  2. Mister Gwyther Win User

    My Xbox Live passcode has been forgotten!

    Are you referring to the Xbox LIVE passcode or the Parental Settings passcode? Only the LIVE passcode can be removed by recovering. The parental passcode can only be removed by either knowing the passcode or answering the secret question.
  3. Mister Gwyther Win User

    Pass Code Off

    Which passcode are you referring to, the Xbox LIVE (personal) passcode, or the Family Settings passcode? For the LIVE passcode, you can try recovering the profile. For the Family passcode, you need to either know the security answer, or call phone support.
  4. nialldowney Win User

    Automatic SIgn in not working

    The issue is the live passcode that you have setup on your account. ("hit the sign on to xbox live button and put my 4 digit passcode in.") The live passcode is there to prevent the connection to live on your account by anyone without a passcode.

    Just remove the live passcode and then It will auto sign in to live for you again, You can remove the passcode in account management or by downloading your profile again.
  5. Mister Gwyther Win User

    Parental controls

    Prince: This is incorrect. Recovering an account will only reset an Xbox LIVE passcode, not the parental passcode.

    Dodge: The only way you can remove a parental passcode is to A) know the passcode, or B) know the answer to the security question.
  6. Mister Gwyther Win User

    Wont let me sign in my account offline!

    I believe you are referring to the passcode of the account, the four-digit combination of button presses? The only way to remove this is by recovering the account, or knowing the passcode. I'm sorry, but if the passcode was easy to bypass, there wouldn't
    be much point in having a passcode.


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